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f obs at a birthday get-together


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April, busy month, lots of birthdays (my own included :omg:) what can I say, it's the birds and the bees and the flowers...

So there I was, Friday, at a friend's birthday. Said friend decided we should all go to one of the local cafes at the promenade, I was pleased since that cafe in particular makes the best chocolate souffle ever *licks lips* :wub: as always with these things, people come and go, and so as the night progressed I found myself drifting towards the other end of what was a very long table. At my new location I "smalltalked" nice and chatty with some of the birthday girl's other friends (whom I know from before - but see only on her birthdays :D ).

So there I was talking to a girl we'll call H and Milana (it's such a pretty name I had to give it in full... don't care how unique it is err... equal rights? what's that :lol:) and I noticed how Milana sniffled gently a couple of times and rubbed her nose... so I got all sorts of *raises an eyebrow suggestively* ideas and wished it'll all amount to a sneeze. I patiently waited and carried on the conversation for a while...

I'll maintain the same waiting effect in this obs by keeping you guys on edge while I describe what Milana looks like *wicked grin*. Alright, she has a really good skin tone (I love it) think olive\bronze really nice tan, her complexion isn't that great but you can't win'em all... anyway with that great skin tone she has olive-green eyes, light brown wavey hair, fairly good figure, medium height - all in all, goodlooking girl.

*end suspense effect* so apparently wishful thinking (while a bit less effective than throwing a cat at an allergic person lets say) is sometimes effective! :drool: first sneeze borders a certain type of "unspellableness" in the sense that it probably caught her a little by surprise so it was a little "funny-sounding" the start of it was ordinary, sort of an "etsh---" but the rest of it... mmmm *thinks* the only way to describe it is "rolling" it had a rolling sound (think of shoving the tonality, or "vibe" if you will, of a rolling R without the actual R sound...) you figure it out... the end was abrupt if that helps, no "ooo" or "iii" sound, just that "rolling" sound which I have no idea how to spell... anyway it was covered by 1 hand, didn't involve a lot of force or much movement other than a bit of a head-bob and I suppose the whole thing had a very very short-lived pre-sneeze expression which was not half bad from where I was sitting. Me and another friend blessed her but a few seconds later she proved she wasn't actually done (which made me happy).

Sneeze #2 was much more spellable (I'll attribute that to the fact she was ready by now :lol:) sounding like "ETshoo", so ended with an oo sound but it was also on the abrupt-side, not one of those stretched-out "ooo"s. Again, covered by 1 hand, same drill. Me and the same friend from before blessed her again.

Sneeze #3 followed a few seconds later and was pretty much a repeat performance of sneeze #2 only by now Milana looked a little bit self conscious (which I thought was cute). Same friend and I blessed her again, and now that I think of it, I'm not sure if she thanked us for each individual time or just at the end or at all... but the important thing is I got my way around *sinister smile* Bwahahahah!

Now for the TV-rant part of this post... So I am watching some local late-night show and they had this segment about a cat-show, some lady was promoting it and came with a bunch of cats to the studio... and they were fluffy... and not so fluffy... and well... a bunch of different cats, come to think of it during some of that bit I went downstairs to make myself a light dinner or grab chocolate or something (probably the latter). BUT! here's the good part, apparently whoever booked the guests and did the research wasn't the brightest person on the planet, since the next guest they had on was this local singer (promoting her new album) that is apparently allergic to cats... so they talked about it a little bit... and you could see her getting a bit tense as the interview goes by... touching her nose... touching her eyes... and I'm like "SNEEZE DAMNIT SNEEZE!". Ok so this isn't someone I'd normally even find attractive, but due to the situation I was watching her like a hawk... and hoping that they wouldn't edit something like a sneeze out (which I'm sure they did... the bastards) since they claim it's "live" (live my ass...). Anyway it was a bit disappointing but the scenario was great :hug: it's one of those things you read in fetish-fic but apparently some producer\researcher\guest-booker out there is stupid enough (no real offense of course :D ) to create such a situation in real life :lol: I just wanted her to go "OK! I can't take it anymore!" and start sneezing... but meh... I guess you win some you lose some...

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Yay! I love your obs! Your friend sounds really cute, and the TV thing you described was fantastic! IT's too bad she didn't sneeze, but just the thought that she was suffering from her allergies because of a careless mistake is kinda hot in itself. yum!

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That was great! I love the way you give your obs a "real time" effect. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Milana to sneeze. I think I've heard something like that rolling effect before, sort of a failed attempt at stifling if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, thanks so much for another great obs!

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That was such a cute, sexy :blushing: obs. I just loved the way you told the story, it really made me feel like I was right there with you :D and "so apparently wishful thinking (while a bit less effective than throwing a cat at an allergic person lets say) is sometimes effective!" made me laugh out loud :laugh:

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As always your obs are fabulously written and take me to the edge of my seat and then back again - thanks so much!


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Snap! you guys :D you're welcome :dead: just wish I had a bit more to write about... I'm waiting for something sneeztastic to happen so I could run and tell :)

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