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My handsome older neighbor (m)


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I was doing some yard work yesterday in my front yard, and my neighbor was doing the same.

He's about 5 years older than me, in his mid-50's but quite handsome and distinguished looking wears glasses and brown haired tinged with gray. He's tall and slender, but not a beanpole. He has a large but not huge pointed nose. We acknowledged each other with a smile and a wave, but went about our tasks until he walked over to see if I had an extra trash bag because he'd run out. I was just telling him I had an would go get him one when his nose twitched and he immediately got the pre-sneeze "look." He held up his hand to indicate "wait a moment" and then sneezed three violent uncovered wet sneezes in succession to the side: "Ahhhshhhwaaay! "AhhhhhshwaaY! "Ahhshwaaaaaay! The last one was a bit harder and high pitched on the end. It happened so quickly I was startled into speechlessness.

"Sorry" he said. "Been expecting that all morning. Damn nose has been itching but haven't been able to sneeze before now. Sure felt good. Didn't mean to startle you."

"No problem," I said, regaining my composure. Bless you! Know what you mean. Nothing more irritating than a stuck sneeze. He laughed. "You got that right." I went to fetch the bag for him and then we talked a little more. There were no more sneezes, but what an amazing morning!

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Wow, that is a nice way to kind of start the morning! I love it when they hold their hand up like that, and triples are my favorites! And also, who doesn't love it when the person acknowledges how good it felt to sneeze? :thumbsup2:

Thanks for a lovely observation!!!

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