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a plethura of obs!


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so i'll start with the one i saw yesterday. i was at church and this guy who's....older, but not like really old, ne way he's an attractive guy, and he's an actor in this drama, but i was at church early watching them do the run through and when they were taking a break he was rubbing the tip of his nose, and then his mouth opened and stayed like that for a minute, then he closed it and rubbed at his nose again, then about a few minutes later, he got the pre-sneeze look, he took in a breath and someone "oh no" right before he went, "HAASHOO!" it was really loud and manly...prolly cuz he is a man lol.

this was the other day. my friend N, who i think is a cutie, was at one side of the gym and i was at the other, but i was looking at him cuz he's cute, and suddenly he just goes, "hushoo!" into the crook of his arm. i shouted across the gym, "BLESS U!" he gave me this amazingly hot smile and shouted back, "thanks!"

today my friend G in class was across the room from me and i was facing in his direction, when i hear him take this huge breath, so i looked over at him, he looked directly at me then did this adorable stifle where he pinched his whole cute little nose, i said bless u, and he said with a smile, "thanks (my name)."

the new kid i told u about, who izn't really so new ne more but that's still what we'll call him, so he was standing around, messing with his i-pod which he'd claimed to have dropped a bazillion times skateboarding, when suddenly he stifled his typical loud stifle and almost dropped his i-pod, he laughed and was like, "oh shit, did u see that?"

i giggled and was like, "yeah, bless u."

"thanks," he said, "it would have sucked if i dropped my i-pod AGAIN."

yesterday this kid in my math class across the room (they always are these days! hehe) did this really loud, "ATCHOOO!" that made us all laugh and jump. he was like, "wow, that was a cold."

i was like, "what?!"

he said, "that sneeze, it was totally a cold, i can feel it." we all just kind of rolled our eyes, but it was cute.

lastly, prolly the best one. this guy who's been flirting with me and i were talking and this is what happened...

"hey baby, when r we gonna hang out?"

i rolled my eyes, called him a dirty name lol, and said, "never, i don't think ur girlfriend would like that too much."

then he gave me some stupid line about how all teams have a bench warmer, and he said his girlfriend could be the starter and i could sit on the bench, then i kinda cussed him out. he was grinning cockily and then all of a sudden he got this weird look on his face, i was surprised that i didn't figure out he was about to sneeze, so i was like, "what the hell?" he got this pained look on his face when suddenly he turned to the side and sneezed this kinda surprised, "Kkkhishoooo!" and his leg kinda kicked up, which was cute. then he did "khishoo!khishoo!" rapid fire, without a breath in between, and it was just undeniably hot, i kinda did want to hang out with him then, but i had to remember that he did have a girlfriend so yeah...hehe :rolleyes:

SweetP :thumbsup2:

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Mmmm, those are all wonderful, but I think my favorite in that bunch was the actor. His sneeze sounds perfect, and I loved how someone said "oh no" when they realized he was going to sneeze! :rolleyes: Thanks for such cute obs, SweetP! :thumbsup2:

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WOW, those were some amazingly hot observations SweetP! :D How lucky you are to get so see so many cute boys sneeze, I'm green with envy :dead:

Thank you so much for sharing! :)

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Omg, those were AMAZING. I love how one of the guy kicked his leg up. You're so lucky to have witnessed all those great sneezes!

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