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Launch Sneezing


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Wow, just look at all those nasal irritants. You really did a number on her. Cool :D

And next time, you might want to choose your words more carefully, as far as making her "better" goes *hands you a flame shield*

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i drew launch from dragonball getting tortured a bit.

"A bit"?! Good lord, there's like, four irritants there - no wonder the girl's gonna sneeze! Her expression is pretty dead-on - she looks like she could be a Toriyama sketch. I can't help but feel sorry for her, though :D

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thanks everyone for the comments! i'm thinkin of drawing a pic of her sneezing to follow up this one. thanks again!! :)

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i'm thinkin of drawing a pic of her sneezing to follow up this one.

Oh man, that would be awesome, especially if you made it so that it's a direct follow-up to this one. :) I was hoping there would be a pic of her sneezing after seeing her being tortured.

Great job on the first pic, by the way. ;)

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thanks, and i added the second picture of her sneezing in. i'm not quite sure how to edit the description under the title, so i hope the people who wanted the second picture read this and see it. thank you for the comments, guys.

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