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Possibly the last Cute Cashier Ob- Male


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All right, let me first of all say that I almost didn't post this ob, because it isn't all that exciting, and cute cashier kind of hurt my feelings the last day we worked together. However, someone here may enjoy this ob, and it did technically happen before said person broke my heart.

Our last day to work together was this past Saturday, and we both closed. Now, I spent a good majority of the day, talking to Scott, because he was on Self Checkout and very bored. There were five of us at the service desk, and we weren't all that busy. So, I hung out and we joked a lot. He was in "This is my last day" mode, and not really into doing much work.

At one point, we did get busy at the desk, and I had to leave Scott for awhile. When I finally made it back, and went over to talk to him, he got that sneaky grin on his face and said, "You should've been hanging out with me, instead of working." I scrunched up my face and asked why, even though I had a feeling I already knew his answer. He said, "I sneezed a few minutes ago, but you weren't here. It was a big one, too." I was all like :laugh: !!!!! GRRRRRR! I really hate it when work interferes with my pleasure. NOT FAIR! :lol:

So, I had to let that one go, and of course, he didn't sneeze again in my presence for most of the day. Day turned into night, and while I was ringing up a customer at my desk, I heard the most marvelous sound. It came from the direction of the Self Checkout area, and it also sounded very familiar. "Ahhh-tshhhuuuuuu!" It was definitely Scott's sneeze. Of course, I turned my head in his direction, and was greeted with a huge-ass smile from him. It was kind of funny, because a few minutes later, after my customer left, and I was bending down to get some paperwork from the printer, I heard a cute little "AH-CHOO!" from behind me. I glanced up to see Scott standing over me, laughing and smiling. I said, "They weren't both fake, were they?" I thought maybe even the other one had been, because the one I'd just heard was so OBVIOUSLY fake, and geared towards getting my attention. :laugh: He said, "No, the first one was definitely real. Did you like it?" I said, "Of course! Bless you!"

Again, I'll miss that guy. :laugh: And since he left on kind of uncertain terms with me (meaning he didn't even say goodbye when he left, and hasn't called to say hi, or even send an e-mail or text since then), I may never get another obs ever again. Hope you guys enjoyed it. I will always have the memories to keep me going. :blushing:

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awww! that was soo cute! i'm sad that he'z leaving cuz now we won't b able to hear any more good obs about him! :laugh:

but it was a cute obs any way!

SweetP :blushing:

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Aw, so sad. I hope he calls or emails you soon to give you a proper goodbye. We'll all miss him! Thanks for sharing the last Scott obs.

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AWE!! I'm so sorry he was being such a poop head and didn't say goodbye. Cute obs, though ... as always! I'm sure going to miss Sneezy Scott ...

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Awe I am sorry too that he is gone...for the both of us. No more yummy obs for either of us ^_^

Well, we will just have to figure out how to make up for it, wont we :laugh:

I still love you!!!!

Hey, I got good news...in case you hadnt heard yet!!!! We have to catch up!

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