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OMG! Band Sneeze! *So Cute*


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Okay, I was sitting in band today, and there is this cute euphonium player who is VERY Adorable. Well today I found out he sneezes many times in a row ^.^

We were playing smoke on the water, and all of a sudden I hear a build up, and I turn my head to see whats going on. "HIIIIESHOOOOOO!!" He sneezed once. Then he sneezed another "HIEEEESSSSOOOOO!!!" I was already melting in my seat. Then in the next 5 minutes I heard 3 more. At this time, I was half dead :laugh: Then he sneezed once on me, and I completely lost it @_@!!

So all of a sudden I get this feeling like I have to sneeze, And I totally sneezed at the same time as him @_@!! It was totally hot! We looked at each other and laughed. Then he sneezed one more "HIIIIIIIISHOOOOO!!!" and It was time to pack up..

THAT NEARLY KILLED ME :lol::evil::angry:

I LOVE BAND!! :laugh:!!

~Tubas :blushing::laugh:

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Wow-sneezing at the same time? That's awesome! Sounds like a fun day! Thanks for sharing your obs.

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That is way too cute! And I love the whole "sympathetic sneezing" phenomenom! I've seen this with other people quite a few times, where one starts sneezing, and then someone else joins in! Thanks for sharing!

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Guest Danielle

Yay!! Band is the best place in the world, it's only fitting that something so fun should happen there! ;) That was awesome, thanks for sharing! My drumline captain was allergic to dust, and she had just the absolute cutest sneezes /ever/, always multiples....made practice lots of fun!

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Today, He sneezed again (About 3 times actually ) On me.


But the sad thing is, he is getting moved back a band because he isnt doing too well ;)

He looks just like dirk nowitzki :wacko:

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I dont want to start a new thread for this, Because it would kind of be spam, but on friday he sneezed the cutest little sneeze ever. He must of had some kind of cold. :blushing:

We were practicing in the practice room (He chose to sit by me) and He all of a sudden sneezed an "HISHeeOO!" (Very Wet) right on me. God, he is the most hottest thing that you could ever find. We almost got into a discussion about sneezing when he said, "sorry I got bad allergies" But I was too cowardly to say anything after that.

Thank god for sneezy boys :laugh::wub:

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Thank god for sneezy boys :blushing::laugh:

Just a moment for a thread jack .... :wub:

This reminds me of your shirt, Sneesee ... "God Bless All Sneezy Boys" isn't it? HA HA!

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