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This is my first sneeze based story ever


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I never, ever made a sneeze fic before. It's a love story about me and Gaara. I really hopes yous like. I made it mainly for the forum. I would have never made a sneeze fic if it wasn't for this place, so thanks...

Gaara had just got done making his last kill for the night, and it was very dark out. The only light shining was from the moon. The stars were all blocked out by the clouds in the sky. He was deep in the forest. Trees every where, after making his kill he was alone. With his gourd on his back he left, by jumping up into the trees. He was headed back to where him and his teammates were staying in the leaf village. As he was jumping from tree to tree he saw someone up ahead and decided to be quiet just in case if this were to be his next victum. He stared and realized it was not his next victum, but the girl of his dreams, Sara.

Sara, who Gaara has always had his eyes on, was standing there. She is a pretty girl, about Gaara's height. She as light-to-medium brown hair, blue eyes, and her hair is down to her shoulder blades. She wears sunglasses in her hair like a headband. She was wearing a not very classy dress, and she was looking very frightened of something. Gaara couldn't see what was scaring her. He knew it wasn't him, because he was hidden.

As the light from the moon moved Gaara could only see that she was talking with someone. Gaara tried to move as close as possible so he could hear what was being said. He jumped into a tree right behind Sara. From there, Gaara could see that the one Sara was talking to had to be her Father. Sara's father has gray hair that blends in with his blonde hair and isn't that noticable. Her dad has blue eyes and looks alittle bit like Sara. He was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of blue pants.

It sounded like Sara's dad was angry about something and was yelling at her for something, "why can't you be more like your brother, who is smart, and an all around better ninja than you," he yelled at what seemd like the top of his longs. "You will never be as good as Eddie! You're an embarressment to be related to!"

Sara didn't say anything back to her father. Before Gaara had got there, Sara's dad had used one of his famous jutsus on Sara. His jutsu, catro jutsu, stops anyone he wants from using any chakra to protect themselves or to fight back, it puts you in almost a helpless state. her father smacked her across the face wiht his fist, and knocked Sara to the ground.

"I could kill you right now, Sara! Your lucky I haven't killed you yet!" Her father said in a mean tone.

Gaara was ready to protect her in a heartbeat, but her father only walked away. He watched as Sara tried to get up but only fell back down. As the sun began to rise Gaara could see that Sara's father had obviously been beating on her.

"Why didn't she protect herself," Gaara wondered. She was very strong from what he remember in the Chunin exams. With exactly one month before the final round of the Chunin exams, Gaara decided to follow Sara. Sara got up and just walked over to the river. Gaara jumped to the tree that dangles right above the river. He watched as Sara tried to clean up. She splashed some water on her arms and started rubbing off the dirt.

Gaara was sniffling alittle bit and wasn't sure why. His nose was also alittle stuffy, and was just starting to turn red. He was coming down with a cold. Gaara decided to jump down and may be try to at least say "hi" to Sara. He was shy and didn't want her to be afraid. Gaara knew about Sara's major anxiety and wasn't sure if she was afraid of him, like everyone else.

Gaara gained the courage, and jumped down quietly, trying to make it look like he wasn't spying on her. He walked up behind her in his very quiet way that he always walks. Sara turned around and looked up. She saw Gaara looking at her. Gaara's face turnd red and he said in a nervous way, "hi, Sara."

"Hi, Gaara," Sara said in return. Sara secretly loved Gaara, as Gaara secretly loved Sara. As Sara started to blush, Gaara started to feel a tickle in his nose. Gaara's eyes got wide, and he opened his mouth slightly. He twitched his nose like bunny. Sara having a sneeze fetish, already knew what he was going to do. She started to smile and turned a bright red. Sara then turned her head down so she couldn't see Gaara sneeze.

Gaara stayed in the pre-sneeze position for a couple of seconds. He raised his right arm and opened his mouth alittle more, and then he tilted his head back slightly then he came forward very fast and loud, "HACHOOO!" Gaara sneezed to his right into his arm, then looked at Sara. He got a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach because Sara started to shake. He asumed he scared her. Gaara gave Sara a very sad look, with eyes doing a flickering motion.

In a very small and shacky voice Sara said, "bless you, Gaara." She could see that he was sad. So, Sara being a caring person, she asked, "Are you ok?" as she tilted her head slightly.

Gaara responded, "I'm fine." But he wasn't fine. The last thing Gaara ever wanted to do was scare Sara. He walked over to the tree he was in, when spying on Sara, and sat down. Sara walked over to Gaara, looking at his face. She noticed his nose was red. Seeing this made her think he might have a cold. She thought to her self, "Oh, God, I hope he doesn't have a cold. I would just die..." Even though she was nervous that he might have a cold, she could see something was upsetting him. So, despite her fear that he would sneeze again, and that he might find out about her fetish, she wanted to comfort him. Sara walked over to Gaara and sat down next him on his right. She sat down really close to him their legs were touching. He looked at her and started to blush. Gaara could see that Sara was still shaking. He could feel her sheak against his leg. At the same time Sara was praying he wouldn't notice.

"Are you sure you're ok, Gaara?" Sara asked in a caring way.

Gaara suddenly felt another tickle in his nose. Remembering that Sara started to shake the last time he sneezed, he grabbed his nose with his left hand and pinched it close. Gaara was hoping this would some how stop his sneeze. He looked at Sara out of the corned of his eye, to see if she noticed. Which his stomach felt sour again. He saw, and she noticed. Gaara could feel her start to shake even more. He blinked quickly twice, and then tilted his back. He quickly turned his head to the side with his hand still pinching his nose shut. He was hoping that some how this would stop him, but it failed. Gaara gave a very desperate sounding stifle, "HA...kknnntt...shhoo" With the "shhoo" at the end coming out very strongly. He tried to stop himself, but coudn't. He looked right at Sara with his eyes flickering, as he took his hand off his nose. He could see she seemed scared. That really made Gaara feel horrorable. She wasn't looking at him she was actually looking away from him and slowly moved her head toward Gaara. In a shakey voice she said, "bless you."

Gaara watched her shake. He was staring into her eyes, and she was staring back in his. They both turned red in the face. Gaara seemed so sad and Sara couldn't figure out why. She really wanted to give him a hug to comfort what ever was upsetting him.

"Gaara, are you sure you are ok?" Sara asked again. Gaara didn't answer. Sara knew he didn't want to talk about it. So she didn't ask again. Sara was still staring at him. He was still staring at her.

What seemed like out of no where Gaara took in a breath, and tilted his head back and gave a very loud and desperate sounding, " HAACHOOOO!" Gaara's sneeze threw him right into Sara. His lips purched out from the sneeze he ended up kissing her on her lips. Gaara was very embarressed by this so he moved away quickly. His face was all red. He looked back at Sara to see if she was scared, and found her smiling. With a sneeze fetish and the fact that she has always longed to kiss Gaara, she couldn't help but smile. Gaara noticed she was shaking worse, but was confused by the smile on Sara's face.

Sara very emarressed decided to leave. She got up and said, "Good bye, Gaara," with a smile still on her face. Gaara wanted to know why she was smiling. As Sara was walking away, Gaara got another tickle in his nose. He didn't want Sara to see him sneeze, because he thought he was scaring her, so he quickly jumped into the tree. The tickle never seemed to turn into a sneeze, so he followed her. Sara stopped and sat down on a wooden bench in a park. Gaara was in the tree that was on the left of the bench, spying on her again.

Well, that tickle started to get worse and then Gaara realized he was going to sneeze again. He first started to rub his nose hoping it would get rid of his sneeze. It wasn't working, so he tried to pinch his nose shut. He didn't want Sara to hear him, because he didn't want her to know he was there or scare her. Without fail he sneezed a double this time. "HA..knnttt, Ha...knntt," Sara looked up into the tree, she recignized the sneeze, and started to shake. Gaara saw that she had seen him. He came out of the tree. Looked at her, and turned around to leave, but just then he sneezed again. He tilted his head back slightly, raised his fist to his nose, and opened his mouth, "HA-eeSHOO!" Very loud and wet. His sneeze threw him forward a couple of steps. Then he looked back to see if he scared Sara, and then went off through the trees. He left Sara red in the face.

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Excellent first story. You see, you CAN do it, just as you can do sneezy pictures again. I wonder whether it's all down to the power of the forum. Before I found this place I hadn't shown anything sneezy to anyone since I was about twelve.

I do hope that there is more and that now thAT Sara has actually enjoyed being sneezed on, she will stop shaking every time Gaara sneezes. After all, he seems a nice, sensitive boy who could do with being less shy himself.

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Awww, very cute! :wub: I knew you could do it!! I hope you keep posting more fiction for us to enjoy! :)

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Gee... thanks you guys. I'm glad yous enjoyed :laugh: I will write another Gaara sneeze fic very soon. A sequel. I hope yous will enjoy a sequel...

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