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"Salvation" - Trinity Blood - M


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This got a little long, so I decided to post it in here. I got sidetracked by a lot yesterday (because Kisa can never not watch when Silent Hill comes on Starz XD!) and it's a little late, but hope you still like it, sweetie! :)!

(And the coloring and name of the cat is TOTALLY a coincidence. *SHIFTY*)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

From the heavens to the earth a thick blanket of rain fell, splashing thick drops onto rooftops and cobblestone streets. People in the underpopulated and small town all took refuge in their houses when the dark clouds began to loom overhead after suppertime. A few hours later, the entire town was under attack from heavy rain that never gave the slightest impression of letting up. The residents were not disturbed, all of whom were warm and toasty in the confines of their age-worn but comfortable homes. Nor did any of them worry about the stranger who passed through earlier, searching out who knew what. Visitors never came to their town, anyone who passed by was either lost or a vagabond, neither of which they cared to deal with.

Perhaps that had been the reason the town was without an inn, nor was there one around for miles. The stores had closed up early, leaving Father Abel Nightroad off to fend for shelter himself. He had not been lucky enough, as he was caught in the downpour at least an hour before a wrong turn on a street lead him to the town’s church. Funny as they had told him there wasn’t one around. He realized, after having some difficulty opening the doors, why they had told him that.

The outside of the house of worship, the building seemed to be unused but standing. What better salvation for a priest than a church? When Abel stepped inside, he ignored the darkness with a sigh of pleasure from the dry warmth it offered. It seemed even the roof was in good condition, no cracks allowing water to flow through. He closed the doors and slipped out of his robes that were heavy with rainwater. His hands lifted to squeeze the long silver ponytail, offering a mental apology for doing so. The worst had been taken care of, and Abel was sure he would dry properly in given time, the priest went to look through the contents of his pockets, hoping the pack of matches he carried in emergency would still be dried.

Rather difficultly, bumping his hips against the pews as he made his way down the isle, Abel reached the alter and through the pale moonlight, obstructed more so from the rain clouds, was able to find the tall unused candles. His luck was turning around, the matches flared to life and he soon light the candles that lined the alter.

Just as he had been turning to take a seat on the front pew, a scuffling noise caught his attention and made the priest jump at the sound. The dancing light from the candles across the floor suddenly illuminated another guest to the church in hopes of dry salvation.

“Oh! Hello there.” Abel squatted down, the tiny bright green eyes caught by the light regarding him with a cautious gaze. “It’s ok. Come here.” A quiet mewing sounded from the solid black figure, though it didn’t move from it’s spot across the room. “Aw, I won’t hurt you. ...here.” Abel went back into his pockets, pulling out a few slices of bread he had purchased with the remaining money he had that morning. He shook the bag they were in, calling for attention, and pulled a piece from one of them. “I bet your hungry, huh?”

His gentle smile and the hope of food sent the small black cat creeping over, apprehension quickly fading. It offered another soft mewl when it reached Abel, and gratefully accepted the bread from his fingers.

“Ah, there you go.” Feeling not so alone anymore, Abel took his seat at the pew when the cat worked on chewing the bread piece. He supposed when hungry, cats could eat anything. Come to think of it, it was rare for him to see cats anywhere around him. Though out his many years, it just seemed strange. When the cat hopped up on the pew, rubbing it’s head against the side of his leg, he realized why that was.

The cat still seemed a bit shaken when Abel moved to pull another piece from the bread for it, and when Abel felt a irritable prickling in his sinuses, his bright blue eyes widened in alarm. He dropped the bread on the pew next to him and turned himself to the other side, gloved fingers lifting to his nose just as his lips pulled down with a shaken inhale. “hih-‘xgnt!-KXNT!” A slow exhale escaped him, fingers moving from pinching his nose to push up his glasses that slid down the length of his nose.

The cat seemed to disagree with the sudden strained noises, hopping from the pew to the floor, but not away. “Ahhh, I’m very sorry. It’s been a while since I was around cats, I forgot I was ah-uhh...allergic.” The slender side of his finger pushed up against the underside of his nose to control the stinging itch that was not satisfied from the pinched off excuses for sneezing. He turned fully, hand raised in front of his face when the sharp inhale caught in his throat again. “Hiih-ehxschuu! H’KSCHUU!” Well, that had felt better anyway.

Another, was it sympathetic?, mewl came from the cat and Abel stuffily chuckled while searching his pockets for a handkerchief. “Thank you.” He had taken it as a blessing of sorts, as the cat had hopped back up on the pew not so worried about the noises coming from him. Ah, but Abel had no choice now. Sure he was out of the rain, though stuck now around something that triggered his allergies. Throwing the cat out into the rain just wasn’t an option, despite it had been the cat’s place of salvation first.

Ehktschuuh!” Abel shivered with a sudden sneeze, the crook of his arm catching it slightly belated, but stayed when the feeling wasn’t going away just yet. “Huuh... uh...” It teased him a moment before subsiding, doing nothing more than leaving behind a sheen of itchy allergic tears welling over his half-lidded eyes. He slipped his glasses off for a moment to take care of that problem, fisted hand rubbing at his eyes with a series of soft sniffles.

“Merwl?” The cat pushed it’s head against the side of Abel, hearing the soft pitiful groans from the nice human. Of course, the cat wasn’t aware it was at fault for it, and resumed it’s nuzzling against the warm and dried clothing.

Abel couldn’t help but smile at the cat, replacing his glasses and gently massaging the top of it’s head with his fingertips. Well, he was in quite the predicament. His petting, as well as the cat’s nuzzling, seemed to sent the dander and hair into action. Abel turned once more from the cat, his arm coming up when his eyes tightly squeezed together. “EHKTSCHUUH!” The sound vibrated through the room, bouncing off the empty walls from the wenching sneeze. “S-sorry... His apology to his new friend was breathless, sinuses burning until - “Huutchhuh! Huuh-uh... ekschhut-HKSCHUU!” Abel wasn’t sure if he could really stand to be in this salvation any longer, even after clearing his sinuses with the retrieved handkerchief.

Debating on just leaving the rest (and only source) of food with the cat and heading back out into the storm, the doors of the church suddenly banged open, causing both Abel and the cat to jump in surprise.

“I told you I heard something!” A child’s voice came from the doorway, causing Abel to turn around and let his eyes adjust to who was there.

“Aw, it’s just that weirdo who was in town earlier!” Another child spoke up, when suddenly a flashlight beam flooded Abel’s sensitive vision. Which wouldn’t have been a problem if the slight burning in his eyes didn’t trigger the already irritated sinuses.

HPTSCHUUUH!” Explosively, Abel didn’t have time to cover, his hand busy covering his eyes from the bright light. “-hptscuuuht! Ugh, ex-huuh-excuse me. Are you kids lost?”

“Bless you, father.” A quiet sound came from the third member of the party, a little girl along with two slightly older boys. “We’re...not lost... just looking for my cat.”

“Eh? Cat?” Abel sniffled against the side of his wrist, using his free hand to pick up the cat still curled at his side. “Is thi-iih... huuh... this it?” He held back the sneeze the best he could when he lifted the animal up to show the children.

“Ah! Panzer!” The little girl ran down the isle, the boys following her protectively. “You’re ok!” The cat mewled happy when Abel handed him over to the girl who snuggled the pet with prickling tears in her eyes. “Thank you so much, father.”

Abel smiled, his eyes closing softly. “I’m just glad you found your cat.”

The little girl shifted her happy gaze to the priest, suddenly pulling at his sleeve. “Come on! My dad is the restaurant owner, I’m sure he’ll make you something great for helping me.” Even the boys, who seemed more distrust worthy than the girl, nodded their heads in agreement.

“It was nothing, really.” Abel began to say, rubbing the underside of his nose with a finger.

The girl frowned. “Have you caught a cold from the rain?” Abel, not wanting to tell her it was her pet’s fault, nodded. “Then you do need something good to eat. Come on. Please?”

How could be say no to that? “Well... ok.” He stood up, going to the candles and blowing them out. He was rather famished, even if it meant spending more time with the cat. Just the thought made him sweat a little, softly laughing to himself at the evened-out luck he had run into.

As he followed the children from church, the cat looked over his owners shoulder and gave the silver-haired priest a purring mewl. Abel’s brow rose, wondering if the cat was enjoying his stay a little too much. Those thoughts were cut off when his cupped gloved hands rose to cover the lower half of his face, shuddering with the heavy triple that caused his tall body to bend into himself. Impossible... cats couldn’t smirk....


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Oh...my...GOD!!! THANK YOU!


Too...much...cuteness...can't...take...it... :omg:

Kisa, you write Abel absolutely PERFECTLY! :heart: I am SO saving this to my computer, and I'm gonna re-read it a thousand times and treasure it FOREVER! And ILLUSTRATION WTF!! *looks around for pencil with mad look in her eyes*


~ VoOs, who loves Kisa forever :hug:

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Omg, I'm so glad you liked it! :wub: Due to all the ADD-ness from yesterday, I only got the chance to watch 1/2 of the 2nd episode (as the first was missing from dailymotion for some reason) and was so worried I'd mess him up. *squeee!* I'm so happy I didn't fail. XD As Abel is far too much fun to torture. :)

*HUGGLEBOUNCELOVE* @_@ VoOs illistration SURE to make Kisa die of hotness. Uwaaaahhh~!

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Go to the Art Board and have a look. I made Abel thank you for me :wacko:

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Holy.....holy crap on crepes. That? That is....i try to avoid jkjskdjksjkdlsjsks becuase it's er...already taken [?] and i geuss the term doesnt really suit me :D but JSKJKSJDKJSKDJSJSK!! MY GOD KISA!!

That is SO HOT!! buh...wubba...gahh stop trying :D

Ill...just....recover a minute here... :rolleyes:

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I have no idea of the fan-dom but the story is very well done. I can easily see the characters, and am very interested in the scenario. Good job! :rolleyes:

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