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Revenge!! MWHAHAH! (f, self from cold)


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So, last night I was talking to Chui through IM and I mentioned that I thought I was catching a cold. I informed her that my cold sneezes sounded different from my regular ones.

I was actually a little shocked when she suddenly announced, "okay, THAT'S IT. I'm calling you RIGHT NOW."

Soooo, she did. :P

Of course, I was still sneezing. I sneeze quite a bit when I have a cold, so she was privy to this "wonder." :)

My cold sound is less "vocalized" than my normal one . . . more forceful, more desperate and probably a bit on the "hello, I sound like a miserable bastard!" side. Plus, I usually have to cover with my hand(s) because? Because. I just like to do that.

About five minutes into the conversation, I sneezed with a somewhat forceful, "hh'EKSSHuuh!" sound and she got quiet. Let me explain that this is UNUSUAL. :unsure: She blessed me in a very solicitous voice and I chuckled and thanked her.

Well, I kept doing this all through the conversation, naturally. I wasn't inducing it, it was just . . . happening. It wasn't until I was downstairs in the kitchen and I sneezed twice with a very similar sound to the one I wrote above, but it had a much harsher, much more desperate quality, especially the second one. I guess like, "hh'ESSHuuh! Heh'EKTSCHUUH!"

Chui made a very high-pitched sound at this point. :laugh: I said, "what?" and she was verbally incapacitated for about five minutes. Okay, I've never reduced anyone to pile of gibbering STUPID with my wrongness before. :o But I liked it. :yes: A LOT.

She then informed me that she WANTED to bless me, but she just .... couldn't. Like saying it would make her explode. I KNOW THIS FEELING. :laugh: But I still can't believe I induced it in someone else! *SNORT*

Well, I kept sneezing. :lol: It wasn't like I could stop. I didn't have any medication in the house (I'd taken it all) so I had to SUFFER. (oh, darn! :P)

I'm sure she will comment on this later and fill you in on HER side of things a bit more because I can't do her reaction justice. :lol:

And for the record? I sneezed three times whilst writing this. But, spare me your blessings, though. Chui might need them. :D


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I need some major wrongness in my life at the moment. Aku if I give you my number will you call me? :laugh: Okay now what if I said I was serious? :blushing:

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Mmm, we should all call Aku and listen to the wrongness of it all. I have one question, though, Aku. Are you enjoying them as much as Chui did, and everyone else around here probably is? :blushing:

Thanks, though for the wonderful ob. Sorry you're sick, NOT! Hope you feel better soon, NOT REALLY! A cold whore says what? WHAT?!?!? :laugh:

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I wanted to post something intelligent and all I can come up with is asldkjsda;lkjgasjgh;fhkj


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you evil, horrible wench!!! (not that i havent called you this numerous times in the past 24 hours)

if you had done this to anyone else, i would have been utterly gleeful at your display of bastardlyness, which i just so happen to be famous for, but you did this to ME!!!!!

:laugh: of all the low down, dirty, underhanded, disturbingly blissful ways to be undone! :wub:

in my defense....what was i supposed to do...she is im'ing me...telling me how she is so sniffly, and having to be wrongy...so of course, as i have never heard Aku being ill, i must listen in...so i somewhat forcefully tell her that i will be calling her...note, i did NOT ask...i TOLD her i would be calling... and when i did, she proceeded to be insanely wrong!! oh my word...so many nice juicy impossible to control wrongs!! whatever could i do...i was imobilized.... she really has an incredibly HOT cold-sneeze!! i tried to bless her, as my usual way of being snarky...and i couldnt...after wiping a tidbit of drool away.. :blushing: i finally regained use of my vocal cords...long enough to mutter...not really form cohesive words...at which Aku began to laugh...and laugh...and laugh...im sure you get the picture...and this lasted for a LONG time...

and now she has the audacity to text me and say she's having a fit!!!! OH THIS IS SO NOT RIGHT!!!!!

well, there goes my sanity...right out the window..must go pounce upon her...

ill get you my pretty...and your little muse too!

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Anything I'd say at this point would be gibberish. There's something so wrong about all of this. I hope it happens again!

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hehehe...you two are awesome! I need me a fetish friend :(

Same here :laugh:Anyone want to be my friend :( Very nice obs, Aku. If I were on the phone with someone so sneezy, I would just freak out.

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*dies* you guys are awful, I'm deprived, and you're killing me LOL

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Guh... buh... gaah. :D

You guys amaze me. It's almost as bad to read Chui's reaction as it is to read Aku's obs!

A+. I'll go melt now.

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Well.....Umm.... :bag:

I don't generally involve myself so much in these kinds of discussion because perhaps I'm not QUITE so much into the sneeyness thing as most others are here, although as I've documented in the past, that doesn't mean I don't like it given the right circumstances. However, since Aku is renowned and famed the world over for her wrongyness :hug::drool::D:) this particular thread was well worth reading :lol: In this particular case I think I wouldn't have minded being on the other end of that phone either. :wub: Chui, the thought of you actually being totally sunk and completely obliterated by Tenshi's sneeze attacks actually conjures up all sorts of things here which perhaps is best left totally to the imagination :lol: AND, if what I've seen of your activities on here are anything to go by to date, revenge will be forthcoming very shortly. :laugh:

Aku, hope you're feeling a little less "ill" by the time you read this hon. :hug:

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you guys have no idea...its like i have these two little leprechauns on my shoulders...

:P oh of course, Nick, i am plotting all manner or wickedness and frivolity at her expense.

:hug: oh, its not her fault she's so sick and wrongy...she must feel awful, i should make her some chicken noodle soup

;) oh yes, totally innocent that one...texting you and IMing you about her wrongyness..you must induce for her like 40 times in a row...

:innocent: while wearing the silver wig and black vinyl...

uh...so i never said one of them was an angel....that halo rests on some horns!!

yeah...well, im back to plotting my evilness... :laugh:

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