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Some weekend obs- Male


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Okay, first of all, it's been awhile since I've had anything really good to write about. I think my last obs was about my friend, Cute Cashier Scott who is now gone. And since then, it's been pretty dry in the obs department, until this weekend.

I'll start with Saturday, since that's when the obs started. I had to work a very crappy schedule on Saturday, and when I first got to work, they left me alone in a busy department. Thanks guys! So, as soon as someone came back from lunch, I took a break (which I rarely do, but figured I deserved it :lol: ). On the way back from my break, I ran into my friend Tom, who happens to know about this fetish. We were chatting, when all of a sudden, I heard this really gorgeous, full bodied male sneeze from further down the aisle. Momentarily distracted, I snapped my head in the direction it came from, and picked out my man. He was tall, probably about 6'4", with a red baseball cap on. He was good looking, from as far away as I was standing from him, anyway. He was pushing his cart and absently rubbing his han under his nose. So, I kept my eye on him as he meandered just a little closer to where Tom and I were standing. Granted, he was still pretty far away, but I wasn't going to NOT look. He he. Then, I saw Mr. Tall Customer hesitate, and then let loose with almost the exact same sneeze as before, and it was so forceful, he bent over the cart, sneezing into one hand. It was truly yummy! Tom didn't get it until I said something to the effect of, "Oh, I heard a customer that may need my help." We laughed about it, and he kept asking me if I needed to go over there. But, as I watched, I realized that the customer was, indeed, done sneezing, and that he no longer needed my assistance! :laugh: (Later on, I did actually help the sneezy customer, and he had this really nice Southern drawl that was to die for! But, no more sneezes. LOL)

The second observation also happened in front of Tom on Saturday. Funny how that worked out, huh? I had stopped off in Tom's department to say hello, and we were talking with Dick. Dick is awesome! He's older, I mean, even older than my parents, I think, but he's totally cool! I see him at my gym at least once a week, and then we always see each other at work on Saturdays. I'll never forget when he came back from his vacation last year with an earring! He's just, very cool! And, he happens to have some really nice sneezes. I've heard him before, so this wasn't exactly new to me, but I still enjoyed it very much. While we were talking, Dick suddenly bends over with a nice loud, "ARRAASHHHOOOOO!" One of the things about a lot of the older men at work, is that none of them seem to be restrained with their sneezes. They just let them out, and I LOVE IT! He kind of went, "Whew!" after that. Tom smirked at me. I said, "Bless you!" Then, about a minute later, Dick turned to his side, and away from us with another, deep, "HURRAASSHOOOOOO!" Then he turned back to us, sniffling and said, "That one gave me goosebumps." I said, "Bless you! That must mean you enjoyed it." Dick kind of laughed. Tom was laughing pretty much the whole time. then, as I was leaving, he said, "That was worth your trip down here, wasn't it?" I said, "Hell yeah it was!" :wacko:

Okay, so that was it for the actual obs on Saturday. I did have a GRRRRRR moment with hubby. This was one of those times, I wish he hadn't said anything. I'm feeling the ugly green monster rearing it's head. Okay, since we got back from Florida, I've only heard one sneeze from this man, and it was over the phone. Phone sneezes are nice, however, it's been a couple of weeks here since I've gotten some live ones. I need more than that. :twisted: Hubby went to the zoo on Saturday, while I worked, with the kids and our friend Shirlee and her kids. They had a great time. However, he tells me later, after we were both home, that he had a very sneezy day. He said there were several, and he lost count. I felt kind of irritated by this news. Because, of course, the last one I'd heard from him was a week prior to that. Then he irked me even more by saying how Shirlee says "Bless" instead of "Bless you," and how nice it sounds. Here's me, "Oh, how NICE!" While I'm typing away at the computer here, trying not to be all bristly with him. Then he even said they kind of joked about me not being there for those. That was it, and I was jealous. Not only did he sneeze in front of her, but they joked about ME? I told him not to tell me stories lie that EVER AGAIN! I'd rather not know what I'm missing, and not know if I'm the butt of anyone's teasing. At least if it's done in front of me, I can joke around, too! :hug:

The next two observations were from my shopping excursion on Sunday. The first store I went to was IKEA. I needed some cool storage-type furniture things for our toy room. I kind of knew what I wanted, and needed some time alone, so I went by myself. I was walking around, looking at some other furniture, just to see if there was anything new since last time I'd been there, when I happened to catch a really nice sneeze. The man was probably in his mid-twenties, with sandy blond, somewhat shaggy hair. He was passing in front of me, so I looked up just in time. He stopped, midstride, and thrust forward with a forceful, mascluine, "EH-CHUUUUUU!" into his fist. Then, when his right foot hit the floor again, he faltered a bit, and let out a wet sniff. I was close enough, I could have said something, but I was too shy. It was such a beautiful sneeze, and I got to see it in it's entirety, with a nice side view. And the funny thing was, I ended seeing him again about ten minutes later, and his nose was still kind of pink! SO CUTE!

The last observation was from my trip to Home Depot. I went to the one a certain person works at, because it's practically right down the street from IKEA, but I knew he wasn't there or I probably wouldn't have gone in. Just even driving in the parking lot gave me butterflies and a stomach ache with the thought of him. Anyway, I did end up going in,a nd was looking for some stuff in garden. The next aisle over from me, I heard a really nice, moist, "EHSHUH!" I listened intently, and then about thirty seconds later heard a second, more powerful, "HEH-SHUH!" SO, I walked to the end and peeked around the corner (my favorite trick at my store, he he) and saw a man in his early thirties, with a wife and two kids. He wasn't really attractive, but not UN-attractive. He was busy wiping at his nose and sniffling. No one in his family said "Bless you," for which I felt kind of bad. But, there was no way I was going to do it, because the blessing period had already passed in my opinion. :D

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The air where you live must have something in it! I never hear as many sneezes as you! Those were all so fun to read, especially the Mr. Tall Customer and IKEA ones. Thanks for these great obs!

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You are so cool, Sneesee! Great obs :laugh: I wish I could be more open about this fetish, like you.

If there is one thing I can never stand, it's when someone I've told about the fetish laughs when some one around me sneezes. I hate it so much I could smack him across the face for the time he laughed when someone sneezed ... :( .... but, yeah, I really can't stand it fi they say stuff abut me and this fetish behind my back. I would cry :(

Very nice bs, I loved the costumer sneeze, and how you said, "Oh, I heard a customer that may need my help."

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Wonderful obs as always, dear! It's too bad you didn't get to see your hubby's sneezes!! I would have been majorly bummed too.

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