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to chicken to talk about inducing


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ok so we have covered telling someone about our lovely fetishes but in not sure if we covered talking to a person you like about inducing :lol: that is my crazy dilemma. if any of you read the topic on when you tell ppl bout your fetish some times they just stop sneezing around you. so that is my major problem well call her miss.a i like her she knows bout the fetish she dont sneeze anymore and im way to chicken to just full on bring up induicing with her :hug: she seems really open to lots of things i mean come on she got me in to kink lol :twisted: but i wonder have any of you had this chinkin out kinda problem and how did you solve it was their a suttle way yo brought it up???

oh hey figured i should metion this cause i find it well kinda cute but kinda surprising too lol. she does this alot to me like if were lieing in bed she sometimes ticklies my nose with her hair and she does this thing where she blows up my nose cause she discovered it tickles my nose? :wacko: what could this mean im so confused and embarrassed lol :laugh::D

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