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A small build-up (m)


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I was just looking through my Language Development notes trying to prep for the final that's due at 9 AM tomorrow...last final arrrgh. Anyway, I was looking through the notes and found this quick sketch of a build-up from a few weeks back. The gesture itself comes from watching my boyfriend Salmon - every time he is about to sneeze, he tosses his head back and sits there with his mouth hanging open and lifts his hand. Actually, don't tell Salmon...but this picture is actually him without his glasses innocent.gif


Apologies for the lines randomly going through him on a diagonal. I write on fancy lined paper...the lines were green in that section heh.gif Also, I'm rather proud of myself for accomplishing this without being noticed. I'm friends with the kid who sat next to me, and he didn't even so much as peek!!

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I'm glad you guys like him :P I do find the expression rather adorable...I'm glad I'm not alone on this one!

It occurred to me shortly after I posted it that the scan is about twice the size of the original drawing ;) I'm such a dork.

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