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Hmm, sneezy day. Kind of recovering from a cold, but I always get dry sneezes from colds and wetter (but still dry) ones at other times.


First off this morning I was washing up breakfast and I sneezed into the bowl. I left it incovered as I did't particularly feel like getting fairy liquid on my face. But the neightbours must of been pretty wierded out by the pre sneeze pause.

At school, managed to sneeze into my locker, a nice 'ahh-eccckk'. I did the same again near a crush I have, she blessed me which was nice.

Best one, about an hour ago, was revising sor Drama exam and managed to have a fit. Whenever I do multiple dry sneezes it stars to hurt, but I was to tired to hold back so I got a bit of a sore throat. I let off about 6 in maybe half a minute, all punctuated by little eyebrow movement and random stuff like that.

Heh, got a tickle right now. Maybe I'll edit this post in 5 minutes.

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Bless You, dear!! There is nothing better than a crush blessing you, and a fit? Lovely! (I'm sorry it caused you discomfort though ...)

I hope you feel better soon!!

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oh...many blessings! a fit? im sorry it hurt, but thank you so much for sharing. and glad you got a blessing from your crush!!

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Oooh, getting blessed by your crush, very cute! Thanks for a wonderful ob!

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