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Well, first off, I just want to start this one by thanking everyone who posted concearns about my girlfriend's well being. I can assure you all that she is doing much better, although still a little under the weather.

So, on that note let's start the obs off with her?

Before she so willingly ...not! let me bring her to the hospital to get checked out her cold was beginning to get pretty nasty. Yes, just a cold, although she did seem so much more sick to me, because she has an awfully weak immune system, but anyway... Days with her lately basically consisted of a lot of cuddling on the couch or in bed watching tv. Well, on with the obs, we were laying down on the couch and she was laying ontop of me with a blanket over her and she was sniffly from her cold so, I knew it was going to come... she finally got the look and sneezed two sets of wet sounding triples in her hands. She always sneezes in doubles or triples. Then what I found, well, really attractive was when it was done she let out this small kind of congested frustrated moan. Just a little "mmm" and then rolled over on her stomach and fell into a feverish sleep on me.

Now, for a much healthier obs from her since she has been doing quite a bit better lately. We're at a very comfortable stage in our relationship so the walking around in underwear while getting dressed isn't uncommon, haha. So, anyway, she was getting ready for her classes and she is the type of person who always wants to look nice. So, she was walking around in her bra trying to find the perfect top to wear, (such a girl) and when she found it, it happened to be a little out of her reach because she's a short little lady. I couldn't help her since I wasn't really paying much attention at that moment, but then i heard her take a breath so, i looked over and just as i looked over she sneezed tishhoo openly towards the ground since it caught her offguard, and as she sneezed i saw her fit abs flex, and, well it was hot... haha. I blessed her, emphasizing the "bless" lol and she giggled and thanked me, rubbed her nose a little and said she thought she might be getting allergies :drool:

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awww...im sorry she was so sick, and im glad she's feeling better.

absolutely wonderful obs's. thank you so much for sharing them.

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