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i echoed...teehee...


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:laugh: oh my...it has been one of those days...i just seem to have been a sneezy-bastard all day today. it started with me walking to my lab this morning...past a few of the maintainence guys cutting the grass around my university. normally this wouldnt make the slightest bit of difference to my finicky sinuses, but apparently something was a tad off...i got a bit of a tickle, and since there were only around 50 people nearby, i didnt really want to let it out...so i tried taking a deep breathe to stave off the impending wrongness...BIG MISTAKE...


not too loud, but a bit more juciy than i would have liked, and barely hidden behind my steepled hands....and i swear, for the first time in my life, i was utterly embarrassed at sneezing in public. :blushing: i felt my face get all warm and red, and i just kept walking, trying to ignore anyone within hearing range...oh im so glad no one blessed me...i would have died!!!! :) and i dont know why, as im not usually shy...i guess its cuz it was a wetter sound than normal.

so..i made it to my lab....unimpeded by any more sneezing...until after lunch. i was copying some notes down, sitting across from one of my labmates...who incidentally know about my fetish...when all of a sudden...


i promise...no lie...it echoed down the hall....i had just managed to drop what i was holding and throw my hands over my face. even the steepled stifle didnt stop the sound from reverberating. this is one of my characteristic sounds....the one i utterly enjoy using around people, just to see them stare at the intensity of it...as it can knock me flat on my back if im sitting down, or can double me over if im standing upright. this time i pitched forward, and shook a little bit after...it was an immensely desperate sound...one that was almost too big for my body... and one i was quite pleased with, until i looked over at my friend. :blink: she just sat there...utterly speechless, and completely flabbergasted at the sound...me being my usual self, i grinned cheekily and asked if she heard my echo... :rolleyes: to which she :blink: again, licked her lips and shook her head, still relatively unable to speak. *pats self on back for this one* :unsure:

ok, so my last one is nothing too scary....i didnt throw the earth off its axis again...but i did manage my favorite stifle sound. i was cooking some dinner, and decided to spice things up a bit. just as i added my favorite cajun seasoning to the pot, i felt the blasted tickle again...

"he-ts-chu' " its very odd sounding, and one of the only girly sounds i can produce...it begins with a decent inhale, then a hissing stifle into a very high pitched "chu"...which incidentally Aku HATES!!! :drool: but it does manage to make me hold on to something to keep from falling over...i dont know what it is about my sneezes...they just tend to have a wee bit of force behind them. :innocent:

oh well... i hope you enjoy!! :laugh:

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Aku has TOLD YOU MANY TIMES that you are the only woman who may make that girly "choo!" around her and she will find it acceptable. :)

Good thing I wasn't around for that first one....as I would have most CERTAINLY blessed you. :drool:

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This is a brilliant obs; different sneezes, different buildups, different reactions. And that echo! I love the echo; I love .wavs with echoes.

\infact I often wonder if people ever consider the acoustic of where they record .wavs. I can just see them running into a cathedral with a microphone and a sneezy expression.

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Good thing I wasn't around for that first one....as I would have most CERTAINLY blessed you. :D

Me too, I just can't resist blessing a sneezer!

Totally fantastic obs, and I must agree with the Count, I just love sneezes that echo!

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Well, I wouldn't have blessed you, but I definitely would have drooled (albeit discreetly)

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Well I probably wouldn't have blessed you in person since I don't know you. I'm just getting comfortable blessing my friends when they sneeze. It was never (and still isn't) something we ever did in my family. So I'm working my way up.

I will bless you here though. :sweatdrop:

Anyway excellent sneezes and I thank you for sharing with us. :unsure:

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