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AP test obs (f)


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Today was my AP calc test, and boy was it sneezey! I don't remember much specific since I was concentrating on the exam, but I know at least five girls sneezed, all of whom I have seen before. The first is a rather thin, very pretty girl with longish brown hair and blue eyes, and a really sweet innocent looking face (not that it matches her personality). Her sneezes are always wet and sprayed, all "sssssshhhhhhh......" sounding, almost like the sound of a spray can. She let out one of those not too far into the test, and as usual she caught it right in her cupped hands and then blatantly wiped her hands all up and down her legs to dry them off. Next a cute, tallish, thin, rather unremarkable looking blonde whom I've been attracted to for years for her personality and sense of humor sneezed her normal loud, surprised sounding, rather pronounced "heh-CHOOO". Unlike the first girl's sneeze it is much less purely sneezey and more spoken, but still not restrained. Then a short, rather plump but pretty girl with olive skin sneezed a double (can't remember the sound). Another athletic and rather cute girl with mouse brown shoulder length hair sneezed a few times, but I didn't have line of sight ot her. Finially a very athletic, toned blonde (I'm a runner and martial artist and she has better definition than I do in some areas) was sick and sitting to my right across an open aisle. She sniffled for the whole test, with a few intense nose wiping snorting snuffles which were much louder than just blowing her nose would have been. She sneezed a handless stifle somewhere in there.

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Great obs; thanks for including so much juicy detail! Good luck on the test, too: calculus is hard enough without so much sneezy distraction!

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Actually there were a lot of sneezes during my ap spanish test last week as well. And then, low and behold, one of the listening sections was about someone with a cold. :P

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