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I guess I'll start with my girlfriend again, because she seems to be quite the sneezey one lately lol. I came home from work today to find her sleeping on the couch. I was worried that she might not be feeling well since she's just gotten over a terrible cold. So, I gently moved her in a way so I could sit with her sleeping on my lap and stroked up and down her shoulder. eventually since she's a heavy sleeper, lol, she woke up all happy to see me lol. So after a bit of talking she started answering me slower than usual, so jokingly I asked her if I was getting too quick for her and she replied by rubbing the side of her nose a bit and saying, "Nooo, I have to sneeze" so I teased her about that for a while until she finally let out four of her usual small tshoo's :D THEN! she started telling me about how her nose has been all tickly and how it's not from her cold... so we got into a conversation about allergies.

and another one from her now ...

This girl has to be obsessive compulsive when it comes to eyebrows, lmao ... So, needless to say her's are pretty much as perfect as one could get an eyebrow haha. Anyway, I walk getting ready to settle down on the bed and watch a movie, so I walked into our room and noticed she was doing her eyebrows in the mirror in the connected bathroom. Right when I was staring at her thinking to myself what a perfectionist she is, she turned to the opposite side of where I was looking and sneezed a high pitched atisshh towards her elbow. I called bless you to her and she thanked me saying doing her eyebrows always makes her sneeze and she doesn't know why lol, so in the process of watching my movie I heard a few sneezes from her.

Now, a male ob ... I thought I'd post this because some might dig the whole getting sneezed on scenario. I was sitting in class towards the back because it's always a lot less crowded there and easier to concentrate when I saw this guy, sort of heavy set, I guess you could say short and stalky with a mop of curly brown hair spread over his head. I didn't particularly notice him, my eyes were just scanning the place when all of a sudden this guy, sneezed, completely uncovered, and not towards the ground or anything, just forward this wet sounding sneeze I guess it was kind of like HAPSHHH. There was a noticible spray and the guy sitting infront of him turned around angrily complaining about he had been sneezed on. Then the this guy sneezes again, the same way ... I guess I was kind of repulsed by this, I mean, common courtesy, cover your mouth in public. haha

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