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"Welcome aboard!" (m) - (5 Parts)


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Author: Evelyn

Title: "Welcome aboard!"

Fandom: House

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters and make no profit.

Pairing: no parings

Summery: Chase and House on a plane forced to sit next to each other...What if Chase gets sick?

Authors Notes: Read it first please! (Thank you!)

1. English isn't my mother tongue, so don't be too hard on me when you think something is fishy in grammar land! Please... :drool: I really hope that the story is understandable though! In case you are really bothered with something (or with non-native people writing in general) just tell me! :huh: But I thought I should try this, even if it turns out to be a total disaster... :)

2. This is my first story...the very first... :D

3. I got the idea when I saw the House episode Airborne...just replaced Cuddy with Chase...and turned it into something sneezier :laugh:

4. This is for tma first of all, because she wrote so many excellent fics!!! :D

So, here we go! I really, really hope that you will like this a little bit at least!!!! :laugh:

Cuddy stood with her hands on her hips, facing House.

''So, who did you pick as your companion for the conference?''


''Fine. Chase, it is.''

''Oh-ho You're kidding me!''

''No I'm not! Tell him!''

''You're jealous!''

''You own me!''

''You want me to suffer!''

''You know I'm enjoying it! Tell Chase!''

''2 weeks of clinic duty!''


''4 weeks! Please!''


''Do you have a reason beyond that?''

''Everyone knew his father.''

''That's it?''

''That's it.''

''You're jealous!'' said House chuckling.

Cuddy made her usual grimace before shutting the door behind her.


Chase was wheeling House through the Berlin airport's waiting hall with an annoyed expression lingering on his face.

''I can't belive these racist bastards don't let a cane up on the plane!'' /*no offance here!!! just tried to be House-like*/

''It had a corkscew in it! Isn't it weird enough?''

''Only if I stick someone's eyes with it.''

''That's exactly what they thought...You'll get it back when we land.''

''I could kill you with my deodorant if I want to, they still let it up on the plane.''

''A deodorant cannot be used as a weapon.''

''Ask the Germans. The Jews would think otherwise.''

Chase rolled his eyes, failing to notice the last row of seats before the gate to his left, scraping the side of the wheelchair with a shrilling sound. He stopped in his track, trying to ignore the stares coming from all directions.

''CRAP! At least you could pretend you care before crippling my arm too!'' he emphasised the word 'too', the intended effect of which reflected on the faces screwed into wrinkless around them. Chase bowed his head to ignore his sudden popularity stopping at the very end of the line.

'' Sorry. ''

'' Yeah! Let the crippled die waiting at the end of the line! ''

'' You can walk. You're not crippled.''

'' It depends on what you mean by 'walk'. My leg would definitely hurt less if PEOPLE WOULD SHOW SOME SYMPATHY!'' he looked around desperately. The whole line turned around in annoyance and scrutinised them for a moment, before a young couple followed by two businessmen stepped aside to let them to the front.

'' Thank you! '' House exclaimed in victory.

Chase made a sarcastic grimace and pushed House through the crowd.

'' Thanks...thank you...'' he muttered.

''Welcome aboard! Your boarding pass please! ''

House handed them to the brunett with an innocent grin on his face, crossing his arms before his chest.

'' Umm...yeah, you're right there at seats 7 A and B first class...''

''Wait, wait, wait! I booked only one first class ticket! The other one must be to the economy class, possibly far in the back...''

Chase rolled his eyes again, when he realised that the latter must be for him, but in truth he didn't mind that much this time, since he had the feeling of coming down with something. His throat was sore, his head was aching, his nose started to feel congested and the last thing he wanted was House noticing.

'' I'm sorry Mr.House, but we had to rearrange the things a bit. Our collegaues made a mistake and gave seats in separate rows for a child and his mother. We are sorry for the inconvenience! ''

House frowned, puckered his eyebrows and clenched his fist at the same time before pushing himself up from the wheelchair, limping towards the seats.

'' No problem, really. '' Chase managed to say to the woman puzzled from House's little scene, before following his boss who was waiting impatiently before the 7th row.


''You sit inside!''

Chase raised his eyebrows.

''Is there a reason?...''

''Yeah. The emergency exit is closer from the aisle.''

Chase shove his hands up in the air, tucking his coat and bag into the luggage rack before taking his place. House unpacked his headset setting himself at ease so that Chase had to move closer to the window.

'' I expect you to keep your mouth shut throughout this, let's see, 11 hours and to think twice before making me move for anything...this includes toilet problems! Sweat it out or something! '' he closed his eyes with a satisfied smile, not waiting for Chase's reaction, who turned his head to the other side, pouting.

The plane was already up in the air and House didn't move an inch. Chase was trying to engage himself by peering through the window, which he started to find extreamly boring after a while. He was about to grab a magazin from the case before him, when he shivered involuntarily. He looked up to find that House has turned on the air conditioner, which was making the air a lot colder since they reached the ideal altitude. He shivered again and crossed his arms tighter around himself. He tried to ignore it at first, but his body just didn't seem to get used to it. After some hesitation and preparation, he stretched his hand slowly towards the buttons, nearly touching House's face, to switch it off, but House opened his eyes.

'' What the heck are you doing? ''

Chase jerked his hand away.


House looked him up and down, before closing his eyes again.

Thirty minutes later Chase was sure he was getting sick. He shivered off and on, telling himself that it's nothing, just a simple cold. He closed his eyes, trying to sleep, when his nose started to tickle. He panicked at the thought of House watching him and tried to supress the urge to sneeze as desperately as he could. He grabbed at his nose several times, but it only made the tickle worse. His eyes started to water and he let out a soft 'Huuhh...hhh' before finally managing to stop the process just in time. He wiped at his eyes and tried to focus on the clouds boundling the plane into a white fog. He nearly drifted off to sleep when the tickle returned, much stronger than before. Chase was extreamly annoyed with it and pressed the bridge of his nose, but immediately he found himself stifling a sneeze into his hand, cramping his nose to make the least noise he possibly could. He sighed and thougth he was finished, as he usually sneezed singles, but this time he was mistaken.



He couldn't control the last one and it came out louder than he intended. He never had a fit like this before and it had to happen on a plane! His face grew crimson and he tried to find a tissue in the packet of his jeans as he felt he was not done yet. 'Huh...EiTiShuu'

House, who tried to ignore Chase so far, not because he didn't hear a thing as Chase expected, but rather because he knew that that was exactly what he expected, couldn't take it any longer and removed the headset snapping at Chase.


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*Is jumping up and down and grinning like a Huge idiot* :):drool::huh:

One Tiny little thing.... If you could space between paragraphs. That is the Only little pointer that I had at all. But... even with that said- I hope that you don't mind- but I'm going to steal your o@o@o@ thingee that separates different scenes within one part of a story. That is Brilliant- and honestly- I really should do that.

Firstly- LOVE the Cuddy/House interaction. That SO sounded like them.

Also- I Love how House managed to pull himself to the head of the line. Very House-like!

Chase-stifles...... awwww!!!! That was just TOO full of :D adorable cuteness.

Oh and the "OH GOD! COULD YOU STOP IT!???!" LOL!!!! That was SOOOO House I could actually Completely envision that whole scene- poor little stifling wombat that couldn't stifle any longer and House getting more and more annoyed until he snapped. lol!!

I am SOOOOO beyond happy that you posted this- and Seriously- this is starting out as a Great fic- first fic or not.

SQUEEEEE!!!! I'm So very, Very, Very happy!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Oh.... and PLEEEEEASE write more..... *as she bats her eyelashes and bakes some yummy cheesecake*

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Very nice. Please carry on this is so cute.

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OK! Here is some more :sweatdrop: It's short I know, but I didn't have time for more today! :unsure:

Chase jumped a little in his seat as he heared House's raspy voice and turned his head towards its source. He blushed even more pressing the only crumped tissue he found in his pocket under his nose.

''Sorry...'' he mumbled congestedly ''I didn't...I.hhh..uhh..sohh.hhh.TiShuu...Ptisshe...EiTshu'' He failed to stifle them again, bending down as they took him off guard. House wrinkled his nose in disgust.

''What's wrong with you? I hope its not some hyper virus because then you're fired!''

Chase sniffled and tried to blow his nose, which was rather hard, since that particular tissue just kept becoming smaller and crappier.

''I think id's the air conditioner.''

House shut his eyes in disbelief.

''Okey. I've almost forgotten that I travel with an overgrown 6-years-old. Thanks for the reminder. Aww..I should have asked the stewardess for a little stuffed bunny when she was offering them to all the little people and...pff..not important!''

Chase just watched him still wiping at his nose, which grew slightly pink.

''Cad you durn it off?''

''Can you take your coat on instead? That would be more ridiculous!''

''Id's in the luggage rack.''

House nearly got up to get it, when a huge smirk appeared on his face. He pointed his index finger at Chase, shaking it up and down:

''OH! You minx!''

Chase gave him a puzzled look, befor getting the point. He nearly believed that House will get up and give him his coat.

House slipped back into his previous position.

''Why didn't you turn it off for yourself?''

''Because I thought you needed id and didn'd...''

''Oh, Chase!''

''Whad? I jusd wanted do make sure you...''

''Here we go again! Welcome aboard the good plane ass-kisser!'' he put his headset back on before switching off the air conditioner with an unexpected movement, totally ignoring Chase, who was disappointed all the same. He rather wanted to get his coat and boundle himself with something warm. He pulled himself closer to the window and soon drifted off to sleep.

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And I'm so so so so happy happy happy that you liked it!!!! :laugh::rolleyes:

I tried to do something with the paragraphs...I hope they are OK now!

And you're absolutely free to steal my o@o@o@ thingee :D:unsure:

I added some more btw! :sweatdrop:

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Okey...here's PART 3 !!! More sneezes, more miserable Chase... :yes: /If any of you know how to indicate the nb. of chapters in the topic title, then tell me please!!!! :drool: /

Chase was fast asleep, his hair dishevelled and hanging onto his bright red cheeks, his lips slightly open, his arms crossed around his body and his head slipped aside on the headrest of his seat.

House tried hard not to look at him after noticing that his breathing became obvously laboured. Moreover, he tried not to listen either, which plan of his was soon sabotaged by Chase himself, who woke up to an irritating tickle in his nose. He put his hand under his nose, parting his lips, feeling like his sinus is going to rupture any minute, but the sneeze was not coming. He shook his head a bit and pulled himself into a more upright position, turning his head to the side. He tried to stay quiet, even muffling his hitching breaths under his hand.



He felt extreamly miserable by this time, shaking and pressing his head to the side of the plane. He didn't even notice that House was watching him with widened eyes and with desperate amusement on his face, setting his headset back into his neck.

'Hhh..hee..HePtisshe..heh.. TiShee..Ptisshe..hugh' he sniffled a few times before starting to build up again, definitely losing control over the fit. His quaking breaths became quicker with each sneeze.


He felt more and more uncomfortable, and though he still didn't notice House, the curse sounding ''BLESS''-es coming from behind his back and even from two rows further had their effects. He wanted to sink in embarrassment. He wanted to stifle but even that didn't work.


Since Chase seemed to be finished House couldn't keep himself from laughing any longer. Chase turned his head towards him, tears streaming from his eyes, sniffling like crazy and desperately trying to use the last parts of his only tissue.

''Now that was IMPRESSIVE! You won a huge audience! We are famous!'' he showed around with his hands towards all the curious faces turning over their seats.

But when he looked at Chase's face again his smile vanished a bit. He dipped into his pocket and handed him a tissue, his only secret secret stash in fact. Chase took it gratefully and blew his nose.

''That's about the air conditioner. You're a big fat liar!''

''Huh?'' managed Chase between two blows.

''You're flushed. How sick are you?''

Chase's eyes widened.

''I'b..I'b..'' he couldn't finish, because House moved closer and placed his hand onto his forehead and didn't bothered too much to pull it back, when Chase stifled a last sneeze into his cupped hands. 'hhh.. hamumpht...sorry'

''Bless.'' offered House finally. ''You're burning up... Perfect!'' he smacked his thighs before popping a Vicodin.

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AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! *Snuggles the poor sick wombat* :D:unsure::agent: I'm SOOOOOO grinning a huge sappy, dorky, totally in love grin from imagining poor, embarrassed Chase and he so wants House to love him (father-like) and not wanting to be annoying or pathetic but sort of failing. *snuggles him more*

Oh.... I'm not Exactly sure of what level of membership that you need to be at to edit your posts. But... the way that I do it.... go to the first post in the thread.... click the edit button on the lower right hand side of your first post, and click "Entire Edit" or "Complete Edit" (can't remember the wording- just NOT QuickEdit). Then you should be able to edit the title to update the chapters.

If that isn't working... I could ask one of the mods if they'd mind doing it for you. They are really great and I'm sure that it wouldn't be a big deal. :yes::drool:

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This is fantastic. Please keep going.

I'm fairly sure I became able to edit titles once I passed 100 posts.

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Sorry, but I didn't have time to write more up till now!! :laugh: I'm very very happy that you like it! And review please! (I'm so afraid that it's not good enough... :unsure::laugh: ) So in case you want me to change anything or you have any requests then tell me!!!!! :lol::blink:

Chase was trying to avoid eye contact with House, who desperately wanted to go on mocking him, when the stewardess appeared with the food trolley.

''Chicken or cheese?'' showing off 2 sandwiches.

''A tea, a Ibuprofen and a pack of tissues please!''

The woman looked at House with a surprised expression.

''For him!'' he pointed at Chase ''As for me I'm fine with a big glass of red wine and the chicken sandwich thanks''

The brunett looked at House then looked at Chase then back at House.

''Is he sick?''

''Nooo! Why would he? -he turned his head to look at Chase- Or you mean he looks like crap? Now that you pointed out...maybe he's running a fever...Gosh! What should we do? Some Ibuprofen could help!''

The woman made a face and despite her little crush on House, she didn't seem to like the way she was instructed.

Chase turned to the other side shivering and as if demonstrating the problem he muffled some sneezes in the cutest and most miserable way into the crook of his arm, his blond hair flipping into his face, winning the brunett's sympathy. ''heeh..Heknugh..aaah..ha..HePtissha... heIShaa.. Tishum..''

''Bless you...I'll try and get something...is it serious, I mean..''

''He's got a COLD! It's treatable unless you get him some pills.''

''Are you...''

''I'm a doctor...trust me!'' he winked at her with all his charm.

She wanted to ask something entirely different, but the answer was apparently satisfactory enough for whatever reason so she just smiled and left. Chase turned back to House:

''I'b nod thad sick..id's jusd some low grade fever..''

''No. It's not!''

''There was no need do..''

''Shut up! You did very well!...You scared her!...We'll get those pills!''

Some 5 minutes later the woman returned with the pills and tissues handing them to House and pouring hot tea into a plastic mug.

''Thanks! Now can I get my wine and sandwich?''

She rolled her eyes and dumped them before House looking into his eyes.

''Tell me if he gets any worse.''

''On my nerves maybe, but yeah, I'll definitely tell you!''

She drew her eyes and left.

House turned his attention towards Chase handing him the tea and the pill and placing the box of tissues onto the armrest.

''Take this and stuck some tissues in your nose! That could save your life, 'cause if you don't shut up from now on, I kill you!'' He put his headset back on, leaning back, sipping from the wine.

Chase wanted to say thanks but House didn't seem to listen, so he swallowed the pill and grabbed some tissues. The tea felt good to his sore throat and made him feel a bit warmer. He nearly dropped the mug when he suddenly had to sneeze:

''hepsch... Ptisshe'' He blew his nose once more and glanced at House, but relaxed when he realised that he was not paying any attention. He closed his eyes waiting for the medicine to take effect.

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Blonde hair flopping into his face. :unsure: I just love that. *evil grin*

*snuggles Skippy the Kangaroo- hmmm... nah... I Still like wombat better.... snuggles the poor wombat and hopes for More cuteness*

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Awww very cute Chase, and House perfectly in character - well done, and thanks so much!

I've loved the yummy Jesse Spencer since the good ole days of Billy Kennedy in Neighbours when I was about 13, so him in House is just perfect! My only problem is that I can't decide who I wanna jump more - Chase or House! :hyp:

E x

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More Chase, More Chase, More Chase........... :laugh:

Please! :laugh:

This is developing fabulously.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's MORE CHASE :laugh: ! Sorry for not posting lately but I had many things to do...but today I got a few hours for writing some more :rolleyes: I'm so happy that you like this! :cryhappy: And comments, reviews and requests are welcomed!!!!! :laugh:

(Oh, and please try to ignore the grammatical mistakes...I really had to hurry up...so :innocent: )

I don't know where I'm going with this...but I hope it's not too bad.. :blushing:

Part 4 (I think...maybe 5 :wheels: )

Nearly an hour had passed since Chase took the medicine, but he didn't feel like getting better at all. He was on the verge of sleeping throughout the whole time, slightly tossing himself in his seat, coughing or sneezing occasionally into his fist, which he raised feebly before his face. House pretended to be asleep, but he watched Chase from the corner of his eye. He was definitely getting worse, which made him nervous. What the hell shoud he do with him?

A bigger fit of coughing made Chase alert. He bent forward as he struggled to catch his breath, not trying any longer to keep in silence. At the end he was afraid that he might get sick. He pulled one arm tighter around his chest moaning and with the other pulled the arm of House's suit like a kid to gain some attention.

''House?..'' he whispered ''I..'' he started, but his boss cut him off.

''You are not going to puke, are you???'' he looked at Chase with drown eyes but made a somewhat friendlier face when he realised that Chase was not ready to take another joke.

''I really don'd feel well...'' he said in a small voice looking down at the floor.

''You want to go out?'' House asked in a nearly sympathetic manner.

Chase shook his head then all the sudden sneezed a double into his cupped hands, trembling.

''HePtisshe..heh.. heIShuu. '' He sniffled, pressing a tissue under his nose, trying to fight off the sequence with his eyes half closed.

House stared at him before getting up, limping to the aisle. As he was searching for Chase's coat he heared his failed attempt:

''He Isshu..he Isshu..HeImptchu..heIshuu..hepschu..hhhh..Heigchu..heimpth..hhh'' they came rapidly before he maged to stifle the last one leaning back in exhaustion. He just realised that House was gone but before he could think of the reason he returned with a black coat, which he dropped on Chase before sitting down. Chase didn't know what to say in surprise, but mumbled a thanks.

House didn't say a word just took out the medicine the stewardess gave them and offered it to Chase.

''I already took one and id didn'd help.''

''Yeah, maybe he was lonely, send him a girlfriend. Sometimes it takes two, you know..'' he shook the bottle again and this time Chase accepted the offer and swollowed another pill.

''Do you have something stronger?''

''Pfff...it's like the guy lives in Alaska with a desperate housewife and dreams about a kick-ass go-go dancer in L.A...it's never gonna work out!...But the housewife's always the safe choice...maybe you won't be satisfied but at least you can be sure it does something.''

Chase winced at the simile and pulled the coat tighter around himself.

''It's gonna reduce your fever.'' House said reassuring, and he had know idea why, but it visibly made Chase calmer. He had to admit that he started to feel sorry for Chase and also grew worried a bit since his fever seemed way too high for a simple cold.


''When did this started?''

''Wh..whad did? The sneezing?''

''No you idiot! When did you start feeling sick?''

''Ahhh...thiii...Tishaa...this morning.''

''Why didn't you tell me?''

''House! I'b nod 8!'' his face screwed into a grimace, which then turned into a pre-sneeze expression. His lips parted and started to tremble before he let out a wet sounding double again.

'' EIShaaa..EIShaaa''

After he recovered he turned to look at House sheepishly:

''I'b sorry.''

''It's okey.'' House sighed before continuing ''Get some sleep!''

Chase nodded and closed his eyes immediately. House watched him for a minute before starting to read through a newspaper.

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so now there is extra, extra, extra Chase. *teasing grin* I LOVE sneezy, sickly wombat. :blushing: Very cute. :wheels:

:laugh: That's it! :laugh: Not a very bad thing.. :innocent: I'm glad you like it! :rolleyes:

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Ok, you have the honour of being my first ever House fic. I saw my first episode a few weeks back, and finally got round to reading one now that I actually know who the people ARE (I know, I've led a sheltered life up until now). But anyway, it's fantastic! Love it love it love it, very cute. And the language is great, no worries whatsoever. Thanks a lot for writing.

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Ok, you have the honour of being my first ever House fic. I saw my first episode a few weeks back, and finally got round to reading one now that I actually know who the people ARE (I know, I've led a sheltered life up until now). But anyway, it's fantastic! Love it love it love it, very cute. And the language is great, no worries whatsoever. Thanks a lot for writing.

Sorry to interrupt... but my ears perked with your post- that is cool that you've now seen the show. Not like I'm on a converting mission or anything... :blush: It's just exciting to see people liking the same thing that you do. Plus now you can appreciate cute Chase fics like this. :blink:

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Guest love and music

Awww.... that was the cutest thing ever!!! Chase needs love. Everyone give him hugs!! I love this story!! Thanks honey for putting it up! :blushing:

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Ok, you have the honour of being my first ever House fic. I saw my first episode a few weeks back, and finally got round to reading one now that I actually know who the people ARE (I know, I've led a sheltered life up until now). But anyway, it's fantastic! Love it love it love it, very cute. And the language is great, no worries whatsoever. Thanks a lot for writing.

Sorry to interrupt... but my ears perked with your post- that is cool that you've now seen the show. Not like I'm on a converting mission or anything... :drool: It's just exciting to see people liking the same thing that you do. Plus now you can appreciate cute Chase fics like this. :winkkiss:

Channel 5 in the UK reaaly seem to have grasped the importance of House; not only have they added series two to the daily schedule and series 3 weekly, but I believe that from next week there will be another strand on one of their digital channels; details to come.

The sneezy episode of series two was shown on Thursday! You wait till I write a housefic of my own!

Oh, sorry to threadjack; the yummy Chasenesse is fabulous and must continue!

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Chase needs love. Everyone give him hugs!!

Count me in. I'm loving this!

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