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How many of you have ever seen....


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How many of yous ever seen someone sneeze just because they saw someone else sneeze? Or how many of you end up getting the tickle in your nose just from seeing someone else sneeze? I just heard of this, and was wondering how common it is?

~and how awsome it would be :doh: ~

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Hehe! This just recently happened to me. If you saw my thread on the band sneeze and the Newest Obs, I ALWAYS sneeze after the dude I like sneezes. Gooooood! It is so hot to me. I dont know if Its just me, but I ALWAYS sneeze for some reason after someone else does. I especially like it when a boy that I like does it :doh:


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that actually happens to me alot. sometimes when i am listening to wavs it triggers a sneeze or two. :rolleyes:

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