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Nicolas Cage


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In the early part of the movie "Next" (currently in theaters in America), Nicolas Cage pretends to blow his nose into his handkerchief, as a way of hiding his face. Brief, no sound.

Cage also uses a handkerchief in real life -- quoting from an article whose link no longer works:

"Cage is still not crazy after all these years

Nicolas Cage sometimes takes his characters -- but not himself -- to the edge

By BOB THOMPSON Toronto Sun, August 2, 1998

HOLLYWOOD -- Even when he blows his nose, Nicolas Cage gets intense. He's in his second week of sinus hassles, so he actually has a great deal to be intense about.

Still, Cage wears his patented wounded look as he paces inside a Beverly Hills hotel suite, honking away his head pain.

The guy's suffering -- sort of.

The watery-eyes-and-runny-nose combination to the face is bad, but Cage's exercise inactivity seems to make him feel worse.

His sinus condition is so serious, you see, he hasn't been allowed to work out in the gym. And that's one of the things Cage likes to do best.

Pressing and pumping and curling weights are his favorite stress busters, and he's been denied the pleasure.

He's grumbling about it between honks with the handkerchief.

So what's a famous movie star and award-winning actor supposed to do? Most would whine uncontrollably.

Cage merely sits on a sofa in front of me after his nose- blowing, looking sheepish as he confides how stir crazy he's getting.

The moment seems like a perfect Cage picture as he sits, seemingly baffled yet bemused by the hand that life has dealt him. ..."

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Bravo for Cage! I'm always glad to see anyone use a hanky in public! It's interesting, too, that when a male character on screen blows his nose, it's almost always into a hanky. Perhaps hankies film better than tissues, or convey a more masculine image.

By the way, aside from the hanky scene, is the movie worth seeing?

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Perhaps hankies film better than tissues, or convey a more masculine image.

By the way, aside from the hanky scene, is the movie worth seeing?

Probably both. But I think I read that anything pure white doesn't film too well, for some technical reason with today's cameras. That would help explain why most hankies on American TV or movies have a colored border, even though that's rare in real life. Though Cage's happened to be white in this movie.

It's an enjoyable action-adventure movie with some romance thrown in. A few points weren't entirely logical and one could nitpick some other things, but overall it was pretty clever and fun. I went with friends who brought their 14-year-old daughter, and there was nothing really inappropriate for her. The female characters were quite strong. And I liked the science fiction aspect to it.

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