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Baniira's sick x_x

Teh Ninjin

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Oy. Being sick isn't fun. I was exhausted all of yesterday, and I was sleeping through most of my classes, and more than once, they asked me if I wanted to go to the nurse (my teachers). But I refused and went through the day. Well. I hada bit of a sore throat, and it just got worse when I was at home. I had to do a few chores, after, I'm still expected to function like a house maid when I'm sick, but others? OH NO. I have to be their butler then. >> Its just stupidly lame.

So I called one of my friends who ahd a sore throat as well, it turned out. But hers was from straining her voice in chorus. I couldn't sing in chorus that today, so I just sat up near the teacher and helped them with the range and watched over the class if he had to step out.

But as I was saying, I called her and we started talking about the little roleplay we were doing. Gee, who wants to take a guess as to what the subject was. XD (Could it BE any more obvious?) and I felt a tickle in my nose. Of course, K would probably make a big deal out of it, so I tried to hold it back....sounding rather tentative and breathy with "h--hyeahh...and...h--hh-huh-...huh." and she asked me if I was all right. I quickly managed a "Ye--ahh--" and it turned into a small fit. "H'TCHHSHH! Hyee-'stchhhh! Hu'PSTCHH!" it was loud, and wet, and of course, she just HAD to make a big deal out of it.

"Crap! Bless you, are you okay?"

and I was like... "Mmhmmm...."

so we kept talking and there it went again. "Hhh--hah'TCHOO!" she was like, "Awwww. You've gotta be sick or something..."

and I reply, "I blame Don..." because in our little one on one, we made Don sick. For...some weird reason. It was her idea, and as far as I know, she's not a fetishist XDDD

she starts laughing and goes, "So he crawled form the sewers of Manhattan to infect you?"

and I was like, "Yh--he'xtchhhshh!--yep..."

I had to hang up because she was going to take her dogs for a walk. Haven't sneezed really since, but my voice is kinda weak. and my throat is really sore. x_x

I still blame Don. >>

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Aww I'm sorry you're sick :yes: But this was a very nice obs! Your friend seems very nice.

Personnally, I like when my friends make a big deal about me being sick, even though I try to hide it. Although I have to admit, it has to be guys, not girls, so I guess I can understand why you didn't like it hehe.

I hope you'll feel better soon!

(And OF COURSE it's Don's fault... damn him! :drool: .)

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I hoe you feel better :yes: and your like a butler when other people are sick, so unfair. I can't sneeze in public, or even alone. I'm afraid to sneeze altogether. And if some how I were to sneeze in front of someone, I'd probably have an anxiety attack, and be even more scared if the person made a big deal out of it. There is on;y one person I am not afraid to sneeze or blow my nose in front of, that's my best friend's sister... I still have no clue why that is...

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Delicious self-obs; beautiful sneeze spellings; lovely interrupted speech. But it sounds really nasty; I hope you get a bit better soon.

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Thank you. I don't like it at all. and support really makes it less unbearably annoying.

I'm glad you guys like it XD

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