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Looking for you (cold, F) - (3 Parts)


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Title: Looking for you (yeah not the greatest)

Fandom/Orginal: Original

Summmary: Tyler, a police officer, is doing the night shift when he sees a young woman in panic. Her place was trashed and her dad disappeared. As he tries to help her, he realize she is sick, but she refused to admit it and wants to find her dad no matter what.

Authors Notes: This is my first story, so I'm a bit shy about it! I actually wrote it this morning because of a dream I had last night. It's VERY long... I have up to 8 pages at the moment, and I'm not done. I'm posting the first part to see if anyone is interested.

Also, since English is my second language, there might be mistakes or awkward sentences. I'm sorry about that! I did ask my fiancé to check it for me, but there could still be some language problems :yes:

Oh and, I'm a BIG fan of cold fiction where the girl is sick and the guy takes care of her, so if anyone likes it too, I was wondering if you would like to trade some fictions in the future :D Writing is fun, but it's not the same thing as reading a fiction you didn't write yourself :drool:

Alright, here we go :


Looking for you

Tyler was working the night shift all week for the first time. He had done a couple of night shifts here and there, but not alone, and certainly not five days in a row. He was having a bit of trouble getting used to the new schedule.

Feeling sleepy, he stopped at a convenience store to get a coffee. The clock behind the clerk showed 4:05 am. He still had two hours left to work and he felt he would fall asleep way before that… He picked up a large paper cup and filled it up, leaving no room for cream or sugar. He paid and got back to his car. It was time for a little run around the “bad” neighborhood.

This particular neighborhood had a much higher crime rate than usual. It was the poor part of the city. Abandoned houses, apartment buildings clearly falling apart, filthy streets covered with drunkards or cheap whores. Tyler always thought it would be the best place to shoot a film noir. But tonight, as he was driving around, the area seemed pretty quiet.

Suddenly, Tyler saw a woman running out of an apartment. She was wearing a black, short dress and high heels, which didn’t seem to stop her from running like the devil was after her. Tyler immediately thought she had done something wrong, like stealing or murdering someone, and was trying to get away before she’d get caught. He turned on his lights and quickly came up to her. Her red wavy, long hair was the only thing he could actually see in the dark, considering she was wearing all black. She turned her head towards the car and stopped, breathless. Tyler came out of the car.

- Stand right there, miss.

He approached her carefully, but she didn’t move. She placed her hands on her hips and she tried to breathe normally. Tyler could hear she was wheezing a bit and she coughed. Did she have asthma or something? He hoped he wouldn’t have to take her to the ER.

- What are you running away from like that?

- There was… I… I came home and…

- Take your time. Breathe a bit.

She calmed herself down. Tyler saw her green eyes, tinted by the red and blue lights of his car, wide open and clearly panicked. “She’s kind of cute,” thought Tyler. Although he was worried she was a prostitute, in which case he’d need to arrest her. But the lack of makeup in her face and the fact that her dress was not outrageously short made his suspicion go away.

- I was coming home from a friend’s place, and when I entered, the entire place was trashed. I live with my dad at the moment, and I called for him. I looked everywhere. He disappeared. From the corner of my eyes, I saw something move so I ran away. I thought it was a burglar. Please, can you check it out? I don’t know what to do! Where’s my dad?

Her eyes welled up with tears. Tyler felt sorry for her. He grabbed her arm gently and led her to his car.

- Don’t worry miss, just stay in the car. I’ll go take a look.

He took his radio and called for reinforcements, then headed towards the apartment.

- I want to come too; I don’t want to stay alone in the car.

- It would be better if you stay here. It could be dangerous.

- I don’t want to!

- Miss, please…

She would have none of it. She seemed to be pretty stubborn. Tyler gave up arguing, and told her to stay back and be careful. Once he got to the apartment, the door was open. He took his gun out and slowly went inside. “Stay here”, he whispered to the woman. She nodded and stayed on the porch, away from the door. He went in each room, his gun pointed in front of him. He checked each closet. Nothing. The burglar must have left. The woman came inside.

- No one is here?

- I didn’t see anyone. We’ll have to take you to the station to ask you a couple of questions.

- Ok.

- Do you have anywhere to sleep tonight?

- No.

- It’s ok, we’ll find you a place. Just come with me.

The girl was standing in the living room, looking around her, devastated. She shivered and she looked very pale. Shock, thought Tyler. She looked like she was pretty young… around 25.

- What is your name?

- Hannah Johnson.


Tyler led Hannah into his office. It was a small, but cozy office. There was just enough space to put a computer desk, a bookshelf and a loveseat. He invited Hannah to sit on the loveseat. He sat in front of the computer, ready to take notes.

The sun was about to rise. Tyler could tell by the black sky slowly fading to dark blue. The dim light of this blue was giving a soft atmosphere to the office. He looked at Hannah for a bit. Gazing through the window with a worried look, she kept quiet. He saw her shiver again, and could see that she was clenching her jaw, probably so that her teeth wouldn’t clatter. Her face was so pale it was almost translucent. She turned her face to him and opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she stopped. Her eyes squinted and she lifted up her hand to her mouth, but didn’t cover it. She stayed like that for a few seconds, her chest expanding as she took small breaths. Her head tilted backwards and finally, she let out a feminine “Aii-shewww” in her hand, bending forward forcefully.

- Bless you.

- Tha…

She couldn’t finish he sentence. She was struck by another quick and pretty wet “Aisheeeww”. Tyler offered her a tissue and blessed her again. She thanked him and blew her nose wetly. She shivered again.

- Would you like a blanket or something? You seem cold.

- No I’m fine. Can you find my dad now? What do you want to know?

Tyler asked her a couple of questions about her dad, her family and the neighbors. He took the phone numbers she could remember and asked her if her dad had any enemies.

- No, he was actually liked by everyone. He was very nice. Even in this shitty neighborhood.

- How long have you lived with your dad?

- I moved there 2 months ago. I lost my job and I had nowhere to stay.

- I’m sorry to hear that.

- It’s f…

Again, she raised her hand to her mouth, stuck in a pre-sneeze face. She has the longest build-up, thought Tyler. She tilted her head back and sneezed in her hand, “Aiisheeewww,” then took another quick breath “AiSHEEW”. She grabbed the tissue Tyler was handing to her and thanked him

- Bless you.

- So, can you find my dad?

Tyler could hear the congestion in her voice, which was becoming raspy. She’s sick, he thought, surprised. “What a horrible night for her…” He quickly got up and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. He handed it to her. He could see in her expression she was very glad to have something to drink, but tried not to show it. She took a big gulp and winced slightly.

- I don’t think I will be able to find your dad tonight, Hannah. Can I call you Hannah?

- Yes.

- I’ll do some research right away, and try to make some phone calls to see if anyone saw him tonight. Maybe he went to a friend’s place to escape the burglar. We already sent a team to your apartment to gather evidence. I can find you a hotel room right now, if you’d like.

- No, I want to stay here. If you need to know something else, I want to be close.

That’s probably why she doesn’t want me to know she’s sick. She doesn’t want to be forced to leave, thought Tyler. Maybe I should drive her to a hotel so she can rest, but then again, seeing how stubborn she is, it’s pretty useless. He nodded and started making calls. She sat there, shivering. When he offered her a blanket again, she refused. She was struck by another double “ASShieew”… “AT-shieww” right after. She blushed a bit; probably hoping Tyler wouldn’t make the connection.

After about 30 minutes of research, Tyler turned to Hannah to offer her some food, but she was sound asleep on the couch. He grabbed a blanket in the supply room and put it over her. He kneeled down in front of her. She was breathing through her mouth and her nose was red and chapped. Tyler noticed some freckles on her little button nose and on her cheeks. “She’s actually more than just cute…” Tyler thought. He returned to his computer and let her sleep.


More to come if anyone is interested...

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Like it! Love how Tyler knows she's sick but isn't pushing her, just taking care of her quietly. Nicely done, looking forward to more...


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Great! Thank you all for your comments! As I can see, I'm not the only fan of colds fiction like that hehe :yes:

Here is some more (still writing it at the moment).


Tyler woke up at the sound of someone knocking on his door. He was still sitting in front of the computer. He had fallen asleep in his chair while researching and now his neck was killing him. He looked over to the loveseat. Hannah was not lying there as she was the night before. He thought someone had probably taken her to a hotel. A little disappointed, he went to the door and opened it. One of his colleagues was standing there.

- Hey Tyler! Oh geez, you look like shit! What are you still doing here anyway?

- I fell asleep in my chair.

- Working hard huh? Don't overwork yourself! A burn out at 26 would fuck up your career. And of course we'd all make fun of you for the rest of your life and call you a wussy.

- So nice of you...

- That's what I'm here for! Well actually, I'm here to get the file for Hannah Johnson. I heard you interrogated her yourself.

- Sure.

He came back to the computer and printed out the forms from her file. He handed them to his colleague.

- Do you know where she was taken this morning?

- What are you talking about?

- Well when I woke up she wasn't there anymore. I assumed someone took her to a hotel room or something.

- We all thought YOU did that last night!

- I didn't!

- Well, maybe she called a friend to pick her up. I'm sure she'll come back soon to know if we have any news about her dad.

- Hmmm...

Tyler was a bit worried. She had said last night that she didn't have any place to go. He brushed it off, thinking that she was a big girl and she could take decisions by herself. And his friend was right, she was surely going to come back to see if her dad was found. They would take her new address and phone number at this point.

He grabbed his things and went outside. The sky was dark gray and the air was filled with humidity. A storm was brewing. He got into his car and drove home to sleep before his night shift.


It was raining since the afternoon. The breeze was chilling, and the rain drops were very cold, reminding everyone that fall was coming. Tyler had put on a coat and was driving around in his police car. Sipping his coffee, he was cursing the night shift. The rain was making it even worse.

The night had been very calm. Nothing interesting to report. Some calls for a residential disturbance, some kids roaming around suspiciously. Nothing more. Tyler headed towards the bad neighborhood. He thought about Hannah. She hadn't shown up at the station yet, and he was starting to worry.

He turned the corner of a street, and saw a silhouette trudging along the sidewalk. He couldn't really see if it was a man or a woman; the rain created a curtain, making everything blurry, and the darkness of the night couldn't be pierced by the street lights. A car came from the street perpendicular to the one Tyler was on. Its headlights brushed over the silhouette, revealing a thin woman in a black dress. Tyler's heart bounced when he recognized the red hair, even though it was soaked and sticking straight around the face of the girl.

He stopped the car and got out.

- Hannah!

She kepts on walking. Tyler thought she probably couldn't hear him over the sound of the rain smashing on the pavement and the cheap metal roofs around. He ran to her and grabbed her shoulder. She turned to him. She looked horrible. Her eyes were red and puffy like she had cry, her nose was runny, and her teeth were clattering. She was completely soaked and shaking like a leaf.

- Hannah, what are you doing out there in the cold rain! Come with me in the car!

- No.

She removed his hand from her shoulder and kept walking with difficulty. It seemed her entire body was aching.

- You're already sick, Hannah. You'll catch pneumonia!

- I'm not sick. I'm fine, sir. Don't worry.

- Where are you going?

- I'm looking for my father!

Taken aback, Tyler wondered why she was doing that by herself. There was no way she could find him without a plan or a clue as to where he could be. She must have been looking all day in the rain, realized Tyler.

- Hannah, come with me please. We'll find your father. You can't just look around all the neighborhood. There is a very big chance he's inside somewhere, not outside.

- It's better than standing in front of a computer fi...

She stopped, turned her head on the side, and sneezed a forceful triple "ASHEWW"... "huh.. ah-TSHIEW"..."TSHIEEEW". She kept talking like nothing happened.

- ...filling some papers.

- Bless you. I'm not the only one working on the case, we have a whole team on it. I was filling papers to find more clues. Believe me, we'll find your dad. Just give us some time. There's nothing you can do by walking out in the cold rain, catching your death. Now come with me.

- I need to DO something! she screamed out of frustration, I...

All of a sudden, she looked dizzy and confused. Tyler had barely enough time to put his hand around her waist before she fainted. He scooped her up and ran to his car. He laid her in the back seat, and considered bringing her to the ER. She opened her eyes.

- Did you have anything to eat at all today?

She murmured a sheepish "no" and closed her eyes. Alright, she probably just needs a warm shower and some food, thought Tyler. He looked at the time. 2:03 am. His shift wasn't finished, but he couldn't leave her there. He called the station and told them he wasn't feeling well. They already had a new guy on call, ready to fill in for a situation like this. They told him to rest and feel better. Relieved, he drove home.


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A very fine story, and lovely sneezes with all the trimmings; it's so nice to have a female who needs looking after and a male protector. I hope she gets even sneezier before she gets dosed with soup.!

You need have no worries about your excellent English; I don't think anyone would suspect that it's ot your first language, if they hadn't been told. Only his researches confused me; I think in the UK he would say "investigations", but that's probably just me, or just British stuff; anyway, I wouldn't have noticed normally.

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A very fine story, and lovely sneezes with all the trimmings; it's so nice to have a female who needs looking after and a male protector. I hope she gets even sneezier before she gets dosed with soup.!

You need have no worries about your excellent English; I don't think anyone would suspect that it's ot your first language, if they hadn't been told. Only his researches confused me; I think in the UK he would say "investigations", but that's probably just me, or just British stuff; anyway, I wouldn't have noticed normally.

Thank you :blushing: Although my fiancé helped with a a bunch of little mistakes hehe :P

I think you're right about the investigation! Thanks for letting me know! I'll try to avoid that mistake in the future hehe.

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Alright, last part for today. I need to do some homework now :P

I'll try to finish it when I have more time. Although I have to admit I have no idea for the ending...


While holding her, Tyler helped her climb the stairs to his small studio. He unlocked the door and let her in. She was shivering so hard that he could feel her muscles being incredibly tensed. As much as she was trying to stop, she didn’t seem to be able to. Her miserable dress was a mess, and water was still dripping down her face.

- You should take a shower, Hannah. The bathroom is right over there. I’ll lend you a shirt and a pair of boxers.

He led her into the bathroom, turned on the faucet and gave her a towel. She looked at him and thanked him in a weak voice. She seemed dizzy, having trouble standing on her feet. Tyler noticed she was getting the same confused expression as she did before she fainted, so he held her in his arms and laid her on the ground quickly.

- Are you alright Hannah? Hannah?

- Yeah… I think I’m ok.

He realized it would be too dangerous to take a shower. He was scared she would fall and hit her head, so he drew a warm bath. He helped her take off her dress, but let her keep her underwear. He didn’t want her to feel embarrassed. He held her hand while she got in the bath. The warm water calmed her shivers instantly. A little color came back to her face.

- Are you going to be ok if I leave you alone in here?

- Yes, I should be fine.

- Call me when you’re done. Take you time ok?

She nodded and thanked him. He went to the kitchen and rummaged through the cupboards for some food. Her throat is probably killing her, he thought. She needs something warm to soothe it. He didn’t have any soup… or anything for that matter. He was used to eating in restaurants between his shifts. He looked deeper in the cupboards. Triumphant, he got out a box of oatmeal. At least it would keep her fed…

He prepared the oatmeal, putting more water than necessary to make it easier to swallow. He added some honey, because, let’s face it, oatmeal tastes like nothing. He also plugged the electric kettle to make some tea. Just as the kettle whistled, he heard Hannah call for him in a weak, raspy voice.

- Are you dressed? He asked from the other side of the door.

- Yes.

He opened the door. She had the boxers and the long shirt on. Her red hair was stunning in contrast to the white of the shirt. Her skin was red from the heat of the bath, but not as much as her nose. He cheeks were flushed and her eyes were bloodshot. He felt his stomach twitch. He wanted to hug her so badly. She seemed so weak, so frail and sad. Although she was obviously a strong, stubborn woman, she seemed like a lost child, leaning on the counter in his bathroom. He helped her to his bed.

- Are you hungry?

- Not that much…

- You should eat a little bit anyway. You are so weak right now. You need some strength to fight off the virus.

He brought her the oatmeal. She swallowed a couple of bites and sipped the tea, not saying a word.

- I’m sorry about your dad, Hannah.

She looked at him and gave him a sad smile.

- What is your name? she asked.

- Tyler.

- It’s nice to meet you Tyler. I didn’t get to thank you for helping me last night. And thank you for helping me again today.

He smiled at her and nodded. She shivered again. Frowning, Tyler put his hand on her forehead, then on her cheek to feel her temperature. She was really hot. There was no way it was still caused by the bath she had taken 30 minutes ago. He got up and brought back a thermometer and some ibuprofen.

- Here, put that under your tongue.

- Oh, don’t worry Tyler. I’m ok. I feel much better after eating.

- Please, I just want to check.

She blushed and rolled her eyes. She accepted the thermometer and put it under her tongue. When it beeped, it read 103F. Tyler’s eyes widened. Before he could do anything, Hannah got up and headed towards the door.

- Thank you for the food and the bath. I need to go now. I’m all better.

Snapping out of his surprise, Tyler got up and grabbed her hand.

- I’m sorry, but you’re not going anywhere. You have a high fever! You need to sleep and stay warm.

- But… I can’t stay here, I nee…

She turned her head to the side and sneezed a triple, bending forward for each sneeze “ATSHIEW”, “ATSHEEW”…”aaTSH”. The violent movements made her dizzy and weak. Tyler pulled her to his chest so she could lean on him, and brought her back to the bed.

- You can’t even sneeze without falling down. Where do you think you’re going?

- I don’t know. He’s my family, I need to…

- Sshh. We’ll find him, Hannah. Trust me, ok? Just sleep here for at least one night.

She drifted off almost immediately. He pulled the cover over her, but she pushed it back. She was burning up. He woke her up a bit and held her up to swallow the pills, and laid her head gently on the pillow. He went to the kitchen and filled up a bowl of cool water. He picked up a towel and dampened it with water. He went back to the bed and stroked Hannah’s face and neck with the cool towel, hoping it would make her more comfortable.

After a while, he sat at the computer desk, right next to the bed. He was determined to help her. He called his colleagues at work and asked them to send him Hannah’s new file with the report to studied it.

Once in a while, Hannah would start coughing. A deep, worrisome cough that would awaken her. He’d hold her up to drink some water, and cool her off with the towel until she’d fall back to sleep.

Later during the night, Hannah mumbled something during her feverish sleep. Tyler turned to her and tried to listen closely. “Hold me…” she was saying. He thought she was just having a dream, but she opened her eyes and looked at him.

- Hold me, please, she said, crying.

Not knowing what to say, he held her up and hugged her. She wiped away her tears.

- I dreamt that I found him dead.

- Don’t worry, it was just a bad dream. Shhh.

She held onto him, burying her face in his chest. “Don’t let me go”. He scooped her up and sat on the chair. She was resting on his lap, her head against his shoulder. He put his arm around her waist so she wouldn’t fall. He felt her burning body through his shirt and held her more tightly. Suddenly, he felt her back pressing against his arm as she took in a last deep breath. She drew her hand close to her mouth, lowering her head but still leaning against his chest. She sneezed in her hand “Atshew”, a cute sneeze that she clearly held back. Her whole body rocked forward as she sneezed, and Tyler felt it move his own body.

- I’m sorry, she murmured shyly.

- Bless you. Don’t worry, I’m not grossed out or anything. It’s kind of cute, actually.

She chuckled, which made her go into a coughing fit. He rubbed her back until she was done. She closed her eyes and rested in his arms for a while. Tyler could still use his right hand to move the mouse and kept on reading the files on the computer.

A few minutes later, she lifted her head away from Tyler’s chest. He looked at her, wondering if she needed anything. She had a pre-sneeze face on. He quickly grabbed some tissues from a box on his desk and held it in front of her with his hand. Her eyes squinted, she grabbed his wrist with one hand, and the back of his hand with the other and pulled it closer to her nose. Then she sneezed in the tissues he was holding for her, three wet, muffled “Amphhshew”… ”Atmppshh”… “AATmpphSheww”. Thinking she was, done, Tyler removed the dirty tissues from her face, but saw that she was still stuck in a pre-sneeze face. She pulled his hand to her face again and sneeze an impressive quadruple “mphhsheew”… ”Atmphshew” … ”Eeemphhshew”… “Oh god… ATSHmpphh”

- Bless you, Hannah, Tyler murmured sweetly.

- Thank you, she answered in a sleepy, congested voice.

He threw away the tissues and grabbed a fresh batch. He held them to her nose and pinched it slightly. She seemed a bit embarrassed at first, but she blew her nose with his help. He threw the new soiled ones away, and put his hand on her forehead. She was still burning up pretty badly. Beads of sweat were forming on her pale skin. He took the damp towel and tried to cool her down. She shivered.

- Maybe we should go to the doctor…

- No. I’ll be ok.

She rested her head on his chest again and drifted off. For a long time, he stood still, Hannah sleeping in his arms. He started feeling his legs go numb, but he didn’t care. For some reason, that stranger had quickly become someone important for him. He felt she needed him. And he was more than happy that he could help her.


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This is the best story I have read in a while! Rock on!!! And thank you for sharing! You have such a great talent for not laying it on too thickly...and just leading us further and further into the relationship!

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This is the best story I have read in a while! Rock on!!! And thank you for sharing! You have such a great talent for not laying it on too thickly...and just leading us further and further into the relationship!

Thank you very much :yes: I've never rock anyone's world before ! I feel special :P

And thank you everyone else for your nice comments ! I'll definitely try to write some more when I have more time, and finish this one of course :laugh:

(As soon as I find a good ending...)

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WELL YOU ROCKED MINE!!! Finals stress reliever anyone?



anywho...I agree..don't end it too soon if possible! I'm SO enjoying! yayyyyyy



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Hahaha :book:

Alright I'll try to keep it up as long as can :bleh:

Although I was thinking of bringing the character's back in another story later... For some more cold fiction ;) I think she has a weak immune system :laugh:

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