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Various pervings from around the school; male and female


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Well since i haven't posted obs for AGES they've been piling up!

Let's start at the start shall I?

Obs #1

This is from a while back. I cant remember why i didn't post it. This made me LAUGH OUT LOUD (err...lol?) when i saw it. literally. My friend looked at me and said, "wah? what...what's so funny? He sneezed...er....ew?"


So M is this guy in my geography class. He's a quiet guy, hangs around with another quiet guy. They just sit at the back of the class looking gorgeous. They are both REALLY hot. But meh, they just dont talk to anyone other than each other. Antisocial type ;)

Anyway, i just HAPPENED to be looking at the new posters (cough :rolleyes) on the wall at the back of the room when M leans RIGHT back on his seat, cocks his head back and claps a whole hand over his mouth. He stays like this a good 3 seconds, before...

M: Heah-rushhoo! (becuase his hand was held so tightly over his mouth, his cheeks kind of blew out a bit :lol: )

Then this made me laugh..

J: (the other guy) Hey man, bless you.

Me? :lmfao: You see, manly sort of guys like this NEVER say things like that.

M: Guh. Thanks. HU-RushoO!

J: You right?

M: Gnh. Yeah. Thanks.

By now i had attracted the attention of m freind behind me and she asked me what i've mention above.

So. Funny. These guys are NOT gay. But in those 30 seconds, they were :lol:

Obs #2

Im going to put this in conversation mode simply because it was a conversation between me and my friend S. (oh, shes female). I love S. In a straight way. She's so sweet. :lol: Tall (shes miles above me), strawberry blonde, and a dusting of freckles. Laughs a lot. Cries a lot too actually. A bit melodramatic. Ah well. oh, and M is me.

This happened in Science class;

S: *inhales deeply*

M: hm?

S: just...heh...sneeze...

M: oh. *watches intensely*

S: hih....HIh-Gushoo!!

M: :hug: *stares down at work*

S: Aren't you going to bless me?

M: ok....bless you. *DIES*

S: Thankyou :book: ...... Hep-ushheew!

M: *jokingly* What? Again?

S: *jokingly* It's your cue. :laugh:

M: Fine. Bless you.

S: Thankyou :lmao:Hishoo! Ah! :laugh: im sorry. That was total coincidence.

M: :lol: Bless you mate. You deserve that one :lol:


This was a teacher. She's not, unfortunately, a permanent teacher; she was a sub. Ah well.

She was around...i dont know.... 30? With shoulder legnth hair tied up in a spiky bun. Longish nose. Nice features :lmfao:

We're sitting in maths doing the assigned exersize. Busy stuff. I like maths at the moment and i was right in it.



The teacher looked up and blushed. "Sorry".

I stayed gazing at her for a few seconds before going back to my work. She was rubbing her nose with a knuckle.

Around two minutes later..

Hetchoo! Sorry!

She put her head down and a hand under her nose. the next two were almost silent.

Hn-gnchooh! Ehkcht! Followed by a soft "uhh"....

I was a bit distracted after that... :bleh:

Welll, THIS took a while. Im thinking about ending it here for now....

*checks the clock*

hmm, yeah. I'll hopefully add a few more male ones later on tommorrow. :lmfao:

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Ooohhh, I LOVED reading this! So cute, so funny...and so HOT! :bleh: That second obs! Hot guys blessing each other??! MmmMMM! Not bad, not bad AT ALL... ;):laugh:

Thank you for sharing!

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I don't know, two hot guys blessing each other is hot, in my opinion! ;) I love this phenomenom! Thanks for sharing so many obs!

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These were great -- esp. the two hot blessing guys. Your sneeze spellings are particularly creative and vivid -- I really heard them!

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Yes, welcome back to the obs channel; those spellings are always superb. Let's have some more....

And all those blessings and apologies. I should think you're so used to blessing now you won't even have to die altogether in future; only a little bit.

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oh my...ive never heard guys bless each other...much less hot guys! thanks so much for sharing!!!

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Ah! I am in love with the first one! I find it so sweet when guys bless each other and especially when they ask each other if they're alright. Thanks for posting these!

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Thanks guys :blink:

A couple more here:

Obs #4

This was in History class during a discussion. This girl K (very short, with straight brown hair all falling around her face and tied up in a mini ponytail at the back, and a freckly, white and very smiley face at the front. She's seems sweet, although i dont know her very well :drool: ) had just put up her hand to add something onto what someone else said and just as attention was on her, she opened her mouth and froze. Then she sort of started laughing :laugh: and held up a finger before turning around and sneezing;


Half the class blessed her and she giggled and turned back to the table. She was just about to start talking again when she stopped and said "Heh...haha wait im not...heh...doneHEshew! uh! sorry. Now im done."

She rubbed her nose with the back of her hand softly and went on with whatever she had to say. >:D


Not quite done yet :P

About some thirty seconds later she stopped mid sentence and said, "Aw shit, sorry, i think i have to sneeze again. Hih..." She put cupped hands over her mouth and shut her eyes. She was half laughing, half building up to a sneeze....


"Hahah, sorry. No. it's gone... Um... Anyway.."

She never did get that sneeze out. >:D

Obs #5

This guy was some substitute teacher on his way to a class. About 35-40, slightly balding at the back, and very tall. A little geeky i geuss. He was walking very slowly down the hallway, peering at his little pink map the newbie teachers get to find their way around, when he stopped, switched his stack of books into his other hand and fumbled in his pocket and drew out the original checkered hanky :unsure: and sneezed REALLY loudly into it :blink:

"HU-WASHOO! H-NSHOO! MPHM-OO!" they were all muffled into his hanky but hell, they were LOUD ;)

A teacher bustled past and shouted out a very merry "oh! Bless YOU!" As she sailed past. He just looked up blearily and went on his way :D

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Hippo, that - ROCKED *salute* I loved all of it, you make me laugh :lol: I totally dig your style and those were all obs totally worth posting, I'm thankful you took the time to do it :) cheers.

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Hippo, you are fantastic!! And your obs make me go ;) like ... always!!! I gotta say, I love it when guys bless each other. It is soooooooo sexy to me. And the conversation you and your friend had? I WISH I was there!!!! Wonderful, as always, love ... thanks for posting! :)

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Oh....my.......NO words!! You ROCK! Those were So awesome!

Thank you!

and DAMN I would sneeze so that cutie would be checking on me :lmfao::drool:

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