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Graduation sneezes (F)


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Well I attended my first of many ghraduation events (in the U.S.) last weekend. Ala in all it wa snot great for sneezes but in general graduation events (Spring-trees and grasses) and state fair (Summer early fall-ragweed)are usually very good places for sneezes.

At grad events I have found there are the long reasonably quite periods for hearing sneezes, outdoor gatherings, receptions, long speeches, sometimes sun and photic-induced sneezes (going in and out of buildings sun shine, etc.). I have even in the past gotten inadvertant video taped sneezes and outdoor graduation events.

But for this one the past weekend:

First a brunette woman about 22 sneezes right next to me once. it was a little like a cough and she turnmed away.

Second an oplder woman with stight stringy hair aboiut 48 sneezed one two syllable ah-chut.

Finbally an attractive red head --35 curly hair--atheletic build, sitting three rows in foint (bleachers) sneeze a hard quick double cho, ahchoo. followed by a clearly a pre aneeze long puase and a third double syllable. She wasa blessed by someone in front o her. her back was to me so I could only see the hadn head body bend action and hear the sneezes. FDid see her face later when she turned.

Hope others have some good graduation observations and sneezes to report fo us.


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I... wouldn't have been able to keep count :lol: so good job on that :) and I totally agree, going to crowded places (with sneeze enhancing abilities you mentioned like grass and the seasonable changes) is just awesome for obsing :) makes me wish I let the house more often :lol:

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