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A Self Obsand a Friend.

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Guest Descry

I've got to say, this feels like it is far less than what I've usually got to post, but it's the thought that counts, right? Right.

So, as all that have read my previous obs know...I've got myself a hellish case of hayfever. To what, specifically, I have no idea. In general, really, I guess I'm just allergic to spring. Either way, both yesterday and today had wolderful ( awful? ) results of my symptoms.

Yesterday, being Mother's Day, I went out to visit my mom's grave. We never got along, and our history is a painful one, but nonetheless I feel the need to pay my respects to her, despite what may have happened. Now, leaving the house was probably what set it all off. The walk there and back was bearable - sniffing and a stuffy nose is something I've grown used to around this time of year. However, when I returned home...Well, to put it frankly, all hell seemed to break loose. Since I hadn't had trouble outside, I considered it safe to open a window...Or several...Since it was stifling hot inside at this point in the day. Dare thought it unwise to, but I disregaurded his warning and went through with throwing open a few windows. Thaaat was a mistake.

The sneezing began only...10 minutes, maybe...After opening up the house. My eyes were watering, my nose and even my throat iching...The entire spectrum of allergy symptoms. The sneezes themselves, even were...Far more harsh, desperate, and forceful than usual. For about an hour or two, I was blessed with several large fits, and an assortment of other randomly dispursed singles. Each fit left my nose running and my throat feeling as though it had been torn to pieces. Normally, I really don't mind sneezing, but this...This was just something else, really, and I didn't particularily enjoy it as I usually do. Even Dare, who somewhat shares the fetish with me, didn't seem to take as much interest as he usually does when I get caught up with allergies.

After the first fit, though, I shut the house back up and the sneezing gradually ground back to a halt, leaving me with numerous other lingering symptoms and a splitting headache. At least it was over, though.

Moving on to today, I dropped by my friend's school around lunch so we could have a walk and the like. To be honest, I don't think she's managed to make many close friends, so I do enjoy to pay her random visits whenever I'm able. Since I'm no longer a student there, I doubt I'm allowed to randomly loiter on their property ( I've never really been hard pressed to look into it ), so we go on walks around the general area for the lunch hour. When I arrived, she didn't seem to be doing very well, health-wise. She seemed grumpy, so I didn't bother questioning it - she doesn't often like to talk of what's ailing her.

To give you a quick mental picture...I'd say she's a couple inches shy of being six feet, short black hair ( I guess you could call it 'emo hair'. Short all around, with the long, face-covering bangs. ), and dark brown eyes hidden behind rectangular frames. Decent figure, if we're going into such details. Anyway, finally after several minutes of sniffing and nose-rubbing, I asked her ( innocently enough ) if she was alright. Of course, she wasn't, and I already knew full-well that she was probably suffering from a rough bout of allergy-related troubles. She confirmed this, saying "I've been sneezing ALL BLOODY DAY." I smiled inside, I'll be honest. She controlled it very well, though - not knowing about my fetish, I suppose she thought I would find it irksome to have her sneezing after every other word. However, I was lucky enough to witness two sneezes get coaxed out of her. No warning, nothing, just suddenly a snap foreward and two small, stifled 'HEH-kshng...HEH-nghn'. I can only guess at the spelling, since I've never quite attempted with stifles and such. I chuckled and blessed her, and she flatly told me to shut up, after which she continued on with whatever it was we had been talking about.

All in all, not a heck of a lot has been going on sneeze-wise around here. Nothing worthy of writing down, anyway, or so I see it. Perhaps there will be more in the near future, or at least I can only hope so.

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Awww bless you. Thanks for the obs :) Hope you feel better soon (although don't stop sneezing lol, this is the curse of us fetishists trying to be sympathetic).

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Awe!! Bless you!! Wow, what a crazy attack. Hope you are feeling better though. And your friend ... VERY cute obs!

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