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A Double Male Obs


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Well, last night at work, I worked in my ALL TIME FAVORITE department, which is right next to lumber. And we all know who works in lumber, right? It was Bill, of course! He treated me to one not long after I got to work, even though he was a couple of aisles away. I heard his nice, loud, "UHHH-SHHHHUUUUUU!" And I was all like, "Oh, bless you, Bill," inside my head.

The next ob came from a cutie who I wrote about a long, long time ago. His name is Eric, and he was around about the same time as my buddies Head Cashier, Justin, and Jimisac. To tell you what he looks like, well, let's just say this kid is pretty hot. ;) Deep brown eyes, black spiked hair, goatee, and muscles to die for! He's only a little taller than me, but just very chisled. Anyway, at one point, we were talking about sptting and how gross it is, and he said, "I spit a lot this time of year because my allergies are so bad." And here was me, :laugh:! So, as I was helping them sweep their department, because I was bored and hoping me sweeping up some dust would give me some obs. :laugh: Eric was moving some lumber with the forklift whil Bill spotted him. And when I walked down the very next aisle, I head Eric sneeze this one luscious, "EH-CHIEW!" Again, I made a mental note to him saying, Bless you Eric, and welcome back!

Then, as I was sweeping the dirt into the garbege can, Bill let out a nice double, on the oppsote end of the aisle fom me, but he moved as he did it, so i didn't get to see it. It was a loud, "ASSHHHUUUUU! HEH-ASHHHHHUUUUUU!" And, I managed to keep myself from calling him to bless him, because he was supposed to be watching Eric on the forklift, and I didn't want to bother him with my nonsense. :lmfao: Let's just say, I'm looking forward to working with both of them again Thursday night. I must find lots of excuses to hang out and help them, right?

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Yummy! :cry: Too bad you weren't able to bless any of them (since you are such a cute little blesser) but the sneezes sounded like a treat!!

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Guest Descry

I tend to bless people in my head, too! Probably more often than I do out loud, actually...

Anyway, Eric sounds like a doll! Keep us updated, for sure. =)

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