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cute one and a fake out


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in class when our teacher was yelling at us for being bad yesterday i heard from behind me a kind of half stifled "pshyoo!" i turned around and saw one of my guy friends bringing his arm up to his face as he sneezed another, "pshooey!" into the crook of his arm. i laughed at him bc of the funny/cute sounding way he sneezed and said, "Bless u!" he said, "thank you very much, miss" i just laughed and turned back around, i thought he response was very sweet and sincere, i liked it lol.

next was another one of my guy friends who knows about my fetish, he was talking to one of my other friends and he had a pre-sneeze expression on his face and he had a tissue held up to his nose, he said to her, "i hav to sneeze really bad, say bless u quick, it's stuck!" she was like, kinda looking confused, "Bless u..." he let out a sigh, smiled and threw the unused tissue in the basket. i kind of let out an outraged gasp, and both him and her turned to me and laughed their a$$es off, i laughed too but i was still kinda mad at him for not sneezing! then later when we were leaving i was like, "I'm so mad at u he didn't sneeze for me!" he was like, "sorry, i tried, but u jinxed me or something, i just couldn't do it!" i rolled my eyes and was like, "whatever that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but whatever!"

so yeah that's all for today, hope ya like them as much as i did.

SweetP :(

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The way your friend thanked you is so cute!!! Too bad your other friend didn't sneeze though ... maybe next time.

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I love it when a hot guy says he has to sneeze REALLY BADLY :mellow: Very nice obs, and if your other friend finally decides to sneeze let us know :mellow:

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