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He almost found out... m obs


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My crush (not Gaara, although, I think the reason I have a crush on him is because he reminds me of Gaara :blushing: ) has finally sneezed agian. O, he is so cute! I have a problem, I smile when ever a guy I have a crush on sneezes, I also shake. I've tried not to smile before, but it doesn't work :cry:

It starts where I went over his house again. He has his own apartment. We were sitting in the living room, just watching some t.v. I was really watching him He doesn't know I like him, I hope. We started talking about some a commercial we had just saw on t.v. As soon as we finished talking he looked at me with a pre-sneeze face :wub: I got kind of nervous.... he sneezed a good four times, rapidly into his arm. His sneezes sounded something like this, "HE-EHhoo, HE-EHshoo, HE-eechoo, HE-eechOO!" His last sneeze had more strength in it at the end. I felt like my face was turnng red. And I couldn't help it, I smiled :scared: worse part of it is he noticed. and the conversation went something like this after his sneezes:

him: Why are you smiling?

coyotesara21: Um...(face probably turning redder)...no reason..

him: Is it just me? Or do you smile everytime I sneeze?

coyotesara2: I haven't noticed... :mellow:

him: I swear everytime I sneeze you smile.... do you think my sneezing is funny or something?

coyotsara21: No it's not funny (I guess I started to smile again, and I didn't notice until he mentioned it)

him: Your smiling again...

coyotesara21: um...um....

him: Look, I was only wondering why you always smile when I sneeze?

coyotesara21: I don't know why, I never noticed.... :mellow:

him: ok, if you don't want to tell me, that's fine (he said and smiled, which made me wonder if he was finding out :dead: ) Would you like something to drink?

coyotesara21: Sure.

He went into his kitchen and got himself and me some water. Of course when he came out he had a pre-sneeze look on his face :dead: It looked like he tried to hold of on his sneezes to give me a glass of water and put his down. He sneezed a nice double into his hand, "HAeeshoo, EEshoo!" Then he just looked at me and smiled. I got to nervous to stay so I left as soon as I finished my water :shy:

I was surprised that he didn't notise my shaking because I was shaking really bad. That was an :omg: OMG situation, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out again. I haven't been back to his apartment since, but it was only the day before yesterday...

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Wow! Awesome obs!

I have the exact same thing as you! I smile everytime some cute boy sneezes :mellow:

I think you should consider telling him!

Just my thought :mellow:


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I couldn't help but laugh when I red this! :mellow: How cute! And rapid-fire sneezes.... :mellow:Awsome!

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Whoa, what a great obs! :mellow::mellow: His sneezes sound totally adorable! I'm sorry you felt uncomfortable though. :scared: Next time he sneezes and you smile, maybe you can just tell him that you think his sneezes are cute? Nothing wrong with that :shy:

Thanks for sharing the obs with us!

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This was a wonderful obs, thank you so much for sharing it. He sounds absolutely delicious. And I can completely relate; there really is nothing like a sneeze from someone I fancy to reduce me to a quivering wreck. But the thing is, even though it's embarrassing, it's also kind of wonderful, isn't it? I agree with VoOs; maybe you should just tell him his sneezes are cute. Nothing weird about that :mellow:

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wow that's crazy that u start to shake! i don't think i've ever really heard of that. This obs was really cute, his sneezes sound REALLY hot, wish i could have been there lol.


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Aww, just tell him. :proud: I'll bet he'd be really nice about it. Also, if you keep leaving after he sneezes, he might think he's disgusting you with them or something. ;) There's nothing weird about saying you think his sneezes are cute. You don't have to blurt out, "OMG I HAVE A SNEEZE FETISH!"

Really cute obs!!

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Nice obs! Approaching this from another angle, it might help if you made sureyou smile at him a lot at all sorts of times; then he wouldn't think it unusual if you smile when he sneezes; and it certainly can't do any harm.

And I agree with Tenshi that you can't go on walking out; he'll get the wrong impression entirely; and more importantly you'll miss all those lovely sneezes. He sounds like a nice sort of bloke, and probably won't pursue the matter if he thinks you don't want to; it might even be that he will understand that there is something about his sneezes and leave it there, so you may not have to tell him if you are still worried about it.

This shaking; do you mean shivering , goose pimples and stuff or big , nervous shaking of the kind where your hands are quivering and you can't pick things up?

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Oh no! I can't believe he actually asked you about that. I would want to crawl into a hole, too! But I hope you weren't too embarrassed. I agree-this is a great obs and probably the first one I've read that included my absolute favorite sneeze sound. I envy you.

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This shaking; do you mean shivering , goose pimples and stuff or big , nervous shaking of the kind where your hands are quivering and you can't pick things up?

I mean shaking... I shake when a guy I have a crush on sneezes, I started the shaking as soon as I hit puberty.... I never knew why I shook until I took the human sexuality class... it's because it turns me on, I also shake if I get scared, but I only get scared when a guy sneezes more then 3 times... which he did but the point is that I have a very strong sneeze fetish, it has a huge affect on me... :laugh:

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Awe!!! Adorable obs! I do think you should just tell him you think his sneezes are cute. I did that with a past boyfriend that I never told about the fetish, and after I did he was so adorable about it. Like when he would sneeze he would turn to me and say something like, "Was that cute?" or "Did you like that?"

Thanks for sharing!

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