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I dunno what it is but I always see obs in Italian restaraunts.. Any way I was eating dinner with a friend, when I noticed a woman across the dining room from me. She was a mother with her family, probably early 40s. She had shoulder length curly black hair, an average nose, with glasses perched upon it. she was an average looking woman... with a great sneeze? She took her cloth napkin from her lap, turned to her side and sneezed a long multi-sylable thing, not unlike my own sneezes. but a hell of alot more femenine. "YISH-ISH-ISH-ISH-ISH!!" she paused wih her napkin still over her nose...then " EEE-YIISH-ESH-SHOOO!!!" She quickly placed her napkin back on her lap and picked up her purse. She began rummaging for what I assume to be a tissue. She sneezed a quick one into the crook of her arm, as her husband blessed her. I was pleasantly surprised when she shook open a large white hanky, turned away and blew her nose with a fierce "HOOOOONNNKKKK!!!!!" She cleaned her nose up, but kept her hanky in her lap. Nothing else ocured until after their meal. She picked up her hanky and placed it on her nose, praying style. She didn't bother to turn away this time, as she exploded into a huge snotty honk "SSHHAWWWRRRNNNNNKKKKKK. HONK HONK!!" And that was it, made my meal!!!

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Guest BuellS1

Good for people like us, but not so condiderate of other diners. Some one should have told her to show some manners and go to the bathroom.

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I never knew you guys included sneezing in your obs. Thanks. Although I am not a nose blow fetishist, I did enjoy this obs.


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