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Omg you guys I think I'm sick


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So. I think I might be sick. Either that or it's allergies. I really dunno...But the other day I woke up with a sore throat...You know the kind that isn't BAD but you know it's there...Then the yesterday it DID get bad and my nose was stuffy, with a few sneezes...And then today. I feel like I'm dying. My nose is stuffy, my throat is hurting I like completely lost my voice and I'm sneezing so much compared to what is normal.

I don't think anyone's really noticed except my girlfriend (who wasn't really paying that much attention to me anyway) I guess I just look tired.

And there's another weird thing about this cold/allergy thing: I'm sneezing in doubles. That NEVER happens to me.

Omg. And I just sneezed a really quick "Heh-Ehchoo." While writing an obs? How weird! And, for figure right after I said I sneeze twice I sneezed once. :D Wow.

So. I don't know if it's a cold or allergies...Anyone wanna give me an opinion? And if you dont mind, a way to get rid of it? I've never really had allergies before, so I'm clueless and I usually never get sick so...Yeah. Suggestions would be great. I dont feel like feeling gross. :drool:

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Sounds like you've caught a cold. Drink plenty of fluids. Hot drinks will probably make your throat feel better. And take it easy and get some rest.

But, most importantly, keep us posted on your sneezy symptoms.

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Hope you're feeling better!!! It stinks that you're feeling crappy, but yay for those doubles, huh?

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