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Baniira's Bored

Teh Ninjin

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No guarantees it'll be very good, or done real quick. XD But I'm bored, and I was wondering if anyone had something in mind they want me to draw. Keep this in mind, I started drwawing Ninja Turtles, not that good, but I'm getting better XD Sasy the wierd looking pic in my sig XD

I can't draw guys THE best. But I still can draw them. I'm pretty could at drawing girls, especially those with curvy figures.

and. and. if you want something original, just describe it.

I could try and write a little snippet or something if you wish, but I'm like a writer in training. If you have faith, it will turn out real good I suppose. XD That's my theory, but I --- -trails off- ANYWAYS.

you know what to do if you want something.

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I would be interested in this.

I can do a trade if you wish.

I would like the person to have the characteristitcs that Ill PM You :drool:



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Not sure if this is your cup of tea, but I've had this idea floating around in my head of sneezes happening in a crowded girl's locker room (like they have at schools, rec centers, public swimming pools, etc). Could be caused by a prank involving pepper/pollen in the air ducts, or a very contagious cold. Nothing messy, just lots of girls and lots of sneezes. Feeling up to it?

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Um. Not sure. they'd b--well I can't post anything 18+. -shrug- but. I'm sure. If you can um. like.... well I'm not sure. p[probably would be a no. I can draw a bunch of girls sneezing. but I'm not sure. I'll give it a try. but no promises?

sorry to seem like a let down to anyone.

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Thanks anyway. Always loved your work, and if anything, I'd definitely love to see more drawings of Anja and that other character of yours, Tamara. I'm sure plenty of other artists would love to take a crack at the locker room thing.

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Sorry. ._. I really am.

I don't think I could handle that XD really.

I would love to do more Tamara. Maybe a little drabble about her. <3

and Kisa's character Audrey, since they go together like peanut butter and jelly XD

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Oh my god! An actual post? From Furetto? Lolnoway.

Hm. The locker room thing sounded interesting, though I completely understand if you're unable to do it.

Actually. Do anything; no doubt it'll be pleasing. I look forward to whatever requests are given and what you can do with them.


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i would want another Anja pic, too! maybe in something revealing like a bra or a low cut dress from pollen or sneezing powder... :D. and great work as always, baniira!

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hmmm...what about Anja dressed as a maid or something and sneezing because of dust? and maybe one of her in like lingere or something, but that's just an idea to throw around out there. by the way, thanks for the last drawing too. :unsure:

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Could you draw Itachi Uchiha? I mean you already drew Gaara for me, I love that picture *runs of to look at it* You are so talented... please? I could make a trade, if you want I could draw a picture for you... if you want to do the trade thing then pm, please... thanks

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what about tamara sneeze torturing Anja? its just an idea, but i thought it would be neat if both of your characters were in one drawing.

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I'll take a cracka t them both. I'll try it now. -shrug- I'm bored XD

No guarantees Itachi's will be that good.

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