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snot fetish dvd

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Hi. I have a request to make. I found the DVD referenced in the "snot fetish DVD" thread below on amazon.co.jp. Unfortunately, when i e-mailed their customer service, i got a response saying they will not ship outside of Japan. Can someone who currently resides in Japan be considerate enough to receive the DVD on my behalf and either resend it to me? or possibly rip it onto the computer and send it to me online?

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If you can't find anyone to do that for you there is an alternative. There are a number of companies that offer that very service. For a fee, of course and it might not be worth your while unless you plan to make a number of similar purchases. You can find them by searching for "Japan auction bidding services" They DO mainly deal with people bidding on the auction sites BUT many of them are very good and if you ask them nicely they will act as the middleman for stuff you buy from websites as well. (I've run into the exact situation many times!)

Just a thought. I hope you manage to get your DVD.

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