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OMG Embarrasing

Quite Contrary

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Wow. Horrifically embarrasing and totallay HOTT!!

So, I was with my little sister at Starbucks and the guy in front of us (17ish, longish black hair, kinda asian looking, not too tall) stops talking and gives this breathy little "excuse me..." and does these little hitchy build-up breaths. Then he freezes and his whole body goes rigid, he puts his fist up to his nose and fail to stifle the sneeze completely so it comes out kinda like "hh...hggshoo!" Kinda, I don't really know how to spell it, but I almost DIED! I love the fist against nose thingy!! I was all blushing and my little sister is all "What?" and...yeah. Not good. :laugh: But soo HOT! :laugh:

Sorry if this was bad. My first obs that I've posted, so...yeah.

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I thought it was a very good ob :laugh: I also love the fist to the nose thing, that is so HOT! To bad your sister noticed...

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OMG that is SO yummy! :laugh: I'm also a big fan of the "fist-cover", and I absolutely LOVE that he excused himself before he sneezed! :laugh: AND failed to stifle it??! Ooooh dear lord, you are so lucky...

Thank you lots for sharing!

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