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self obs (m) Making myself sneeze


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I have a way of making myself sneeze sometimes that I haven't heard addressed in the forum before.

There is a ridge at the opening of my throat and if I press against it with my tongue it will often bring about a sneeze. It works best if I have the slightest tickle in my nose, but it also works sometimes without it. I only do it when in private. It takes a miinute or two to bring the sneeze about, looks strange, and I certainly don't want to look strange in public! Has anybody else ever tried this to make yourself sneeze?

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Uh. I could be doing it wrong, but the feeling only makes me want to gag =(

Ha Ha!! Me too!!

Someone posted something like this once before that if the rubbed the roof of their mouth with their tongue it made them sneeze. This doesn't work for me, but it might be the same kind of idea.

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Guest Descry

Mm, I sort of do something like this.

I rub my tongue against the roof of my mouth, as Lalena mentioned, and it'll get my nose to tickle a little, but not quite sneeze. Whenever I do sneeze, though, it's almost like a weird reflex - I just rub the roof of my mouth with my tongue to produce a second sneeze, and so on and so on. Why I almost /always/ sneeze in doubles, if not more.

So, in short, I think I sort of know what you're talking about. =D;

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Um, no, this does not work for me. However, I htink it's a cool way to make yourself sneeze in public! I wish I had that talent! :(

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Very interesting - something I didn't know about you, which would seem to open up possibilities. Do you sneeze your usual double or is it a single when induced this way?

I certainly can't do anything to induce a sneeze in that way. Even the tissue method is very laborious.

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Usually I produce singles when I induce this way, with one exception: When I have a cold and am in that early sneezy stage doing this will sometimes trigger a mini fit of 3 or 4 sneezes. I suppose because my nose is extra sensitive then. Like I said before, it usually takes a minute or more for me to produce a sneeze this way, and once in a while it doesn't work. I'll most often do it sitting at the computer.

By the way, Atchoum, the tissue method just doesn't work for me at all!

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