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I told about my fetish


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You guys were right, he noticed that I always leave after he sneezes...but did he have to mention it...

We were in his room this time and I was sitting really close to him. He got up and went ou of his room. And then just came back in. A little while later he got up and did the same thing. He did this about 2 more times, whn I decided to follow him. Well guess what he was doing...... that's right he was sneezing! :omg: He was also stifling his sneezes (which I still enjoyed is stifled sneezes). He sounded something like this, "HEa..knnnxx" his next sneeze ended with a squeek sound. I went back into his room before he noticed. One thing that I was wondering is why he was sneezing so much.... Alittle after that we were just sitting next to each other when he started rubbing his nose, then he got up and right before he reached the door, "HE-a-knntt-shoo!" he pinched his nose shut. He gave me a almost disappointed look on his face. Then we talked and it went something like this:

him: I see you stil smile when I sneeze

coyotesara21: :blushing: um...

him: Are you going to leave now?

coyotesara21: Why?

him: You always leave after I sneeze...

coyotesara21: I haven't noticed

him: I have noticed (he said that kind of frowned alittle bit)

coyotesara21: Well, I...

him: (he cut me off) you have to leave, right?

coyotesara21: Um..

him: You smile when ever I sneeze, but then you leave, I just want to know why?

coyotesara21: I don't want to say why..

him: (he gives me a look, he turns his lower lip over, I guess trying to be cute to get me to tell him, which it was pretty cute :blushing: )Please...

coyotesara21: I can't tell you, but I do have to go..

him: Because I sneezed.

coyotesara21: ( :shy: ) No just I have to do some laundry.

him: Do you really have to do some laundry?

coyotesara21: Well, I really have to go

him: Will you please just tell me why you smile when I sneeze...

coyotesara21: Oh fine, please don't laugh, or tell anyone... I have a sneeze fetish :dead: (I can't believe I told him)

him: That explains the smile, but why do you always leave after I sneeze?

coyotesara21: Because I didn't want you to find out about my fetish... :shy:

him: So you leave because you didn't want me to find out about your fetish. Well I guess you don't have to leave now.

coyotesara21: I still have to do some laundry ( I said that because I was embarressed and didn't want to stay)

him: Alright bye

coyotesara21: bye

I was hoping I could get alittle bit of advice, now that I told him, I'm to nervous to go back to his apartment. I mean what if he sneezes again? Stuf like this really makes me nervous, I can't stand it when people who know about my fetish giveme wierd looks when they or someone else sneezes... Any advice?

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Wow, how brave of you to tell him!

I don't really have any advice to give you, since I've never been in such a situation myself, but I think everything will turn out fine. I totally understand if you feel nervous though, but if he is a nice guy (and he seems to be) there shouldn't be any problem.

Good luck! :shy:

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omg I would freak out is something like that happened to me.

indeed he looks like a fine guy, so I think you should just go to him as normally

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Oh! Im glad you told him.

My only suggestion would be to not leave after he sneezes. Then you can enjoy those hot sneezes, and He could possibly even sneeze for you!

That would be the only thing. Dont feel uncomfortable when he sneezes, I know that my friends can even tease me with their sneezes, and that is good! (For us XD)

Just my thought


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I think this could work out vey well; he seems nice; he hasn't said anything negative, and you've been incredibly brave in telling him; from now on it should be down hill all the way.

I would say that you must go and se him again as soon as possible; you know, like getting back on a horse before you have time to worry aboutit.

You say "what if he sneezes?" Well, NOW you can enjoy it without having to worry he will find out because he already knows; you can smile and shake as much as you like. It really looks as if he was trying not to sneeze in front of you in case you disliked it; he won't have to any more, and thank goodness for that. I'm sure that he won't make remarks about it if you don't want him too; however I THINK IT'S ONLY NATURAL that if you smile at him, he will smile back; and why not, it could be far worse.

And as you say, his sneeziness may indicate a lovely allergy, and what fun you can have!

In fact it sounds as if he's almost as embarrasesed as you are ! sO GO FOR IT!

cOOD LUCK, and let us know.

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I just replied to your other post about this guy ... I'm glad to see you told him!!!

The poor guy was leaving to sneeze because he knew you would leave if he sneezed in front of you ... it sounds like he wants to keep you around. The bigger deal you make about him sneezing the bigger deal he will make. This works both in good and bad ways. Like if you leave everytime he sneezes he will think its bad and will leave the room when he has to sneeze, and you'll never get to hear them! If you say, "OOO!! That was a good one!" or smile and be like, "That was sexy" the next time he sneezes he will thinks its ok and will be more comfortable. Wouldn't you rather have a good time with the fetish instead of making him feel uncomfortable?

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Of course I would rather have a good time with the fetish than making him feel uncomfortable. It's just I have so much anxiety around my fetish for a past reason. I just am still very embarressed about this, and I feel very, very nervous around him if he sneezes, now because he knows about my fetish and I therapy should help with this anxiety, except, I can't tell my therapist about my fetish...

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Um, I already posted something in one of the other threads, but wanted to reassure you, this guys sounds very sweet about all of it, honestly. I say, enjoy whatever he chooses to indulge you with, and have fun with the fact that he knows. Seriously, coming from someone who's told many friends about it, it can be a lot of fun! :(

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