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I'm sick, but not like I have been before...


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Well, as the topic says, I'm..sick. Or at least it seems that way. Kind of like a cold or allergies (though I haven't been known to suffer from hayfever or anything), but absolutely NOTHING is wrong with me, besides nasal congestion (extremely embarrassing, since I still live at home) and constant sneezing. Actually, I've found that I've been more energetic lately as opposed to when I'm healthy. Weird.

This morning I woke up; sneezed a single ("Heh... haa'esshUU!") and went downstairs. Nobody was home (besides me, or course), so I was safe. I went down-downstairs (basement-- my living spot) and blew my nose (kind of loudly, actually), but it didn't help much. I then sneezed again, once openly, kind of like a "haa...heh.. ha'etCHOO!" and once into a tissue, which came out as a sort of squeak, since I may have subconsiously stifled it.

A bit later into the day, I succombed to the tickle in my nose once again. "Ha... ehh... ah... atCHUU! Huh-etch! Ah'shoo!" then, very shortly following, a rapid-fire triple "Hh'essh! Atchh! Et'chh!!" and, the grand finale, "Ah-AtCHUU!"

I don't think I've ever sneezed that much in my life. Which is a bit sad, actually. XDDD

Sigh~ I hope that this thing blows over by Monday, I do not want to go to school all sneezy. But.

I hope you enjoyed, anyway.


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Guest Descry

Aw, adorable. =) Bless you, I guess, though I dare say it's a bit late to be saying so. Ah well.

I hope you feel better by monday - I know I hated going into classes like that...And believe me, it's happened a lot...

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