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Trip Obs (f)


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Okay, to give a little backstory, I just got out of college a week ago and am in suite withdrawal. I road tripped with two of my friends, my suitemate C and his girlfriend E (I'll be describing her later :bounce: ) to one of my other suitemate's houses. Anyway, E is absolutely gorgeous: long, straight blonde hair about six inches below her shoulders, big blue eyes, and a nose that reminds me of Sarah Michelle Gellar's only with freckles. Anyhow, it goes without saying that I've always wanted to see her sneeze, but I hadn't until this trip. What's even more frustrating is, she claims she has really bad allergies and will go HOURS at a time sniffing and looking like she's about to sneeze, but never does! Anyhow, I got my wish, and I guess it's time for some actual...well...observations.

1) We were playing a board game late at night (coincidentally during one of her torturous sneezeless allergy marathons) when, while I was looking somewhere else (ACK!), she sneezed a soft "huh-chuh" about three feet in front of me! At that point I was turned on, yet extremely frustrated...that kind of observation had been the story of my life as long as I'd known her.

2) The next morning, we were helping our suitemate with some yardwork. After that was done, I was discreetly checking E out (I really like her bf, so I wouldn't want to make stuff awkward by making them think I have a thing for her) because I figured that'd be a good time for allergies to hit. Unfortunately for me, I like the shade on hot days and stayed in a shady spot for 2 seconds after she started walking back to the house with one of her friends. When I was TWO steps behind her, she sneezed another beautiful, slightly louder sneeze than the one before. Again, I'm sure people inside the house could hear me grinding my teeth.

3) Okay, this is the jackpot one for me! Later on in the day, we went to ride dirtbikes. I sat in the passenger side backseat, and E sat in the front seat. I just happened to look through her window to the side mirror, and caught her in the middle of a sneeze! It was glorious. What's better, it was a DOUBLE! As soon as she sneezed her first one, a second was on its way. I think my grin lasted the whole car ride.

4) Even later on that day, when E was listening to my suitemate tell her how to shift gears on his dirtbike, I was looking idly around when , you guessed it, I heard another sneeze. This one was about 10 feet away, yet I couldn't bring myself to be annoyed because I was still kind of in shock about 3).

5) I'll admit, I'm greedy, and this one I was peeved about missing. We were just about to leave my suitemate's house to head for home when E went to the bedroom to get her stuff. I had just been talking with her, and she just had to wait until she was upstairs to sneeze a double much like 3). At that point I just rolled my eyes and grinned...

Well, that's it. I know it was long-winded...hope you enjoy!

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Woha, sounds like you had a kickass week off! she sounds cute, happy you finally did get a glimpse of her sneeze. *purrs* Thanks for sharing :D

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