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Cloud from Final Fantasy watercolour sketch (m)


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Cloud? is so cute. he's like a little pixie! wub.png

so i googled him. and now... he's under my wrath.

THankyou chui for the borrowing of your muse, and i hope you like it blushing.gif


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EEEHEHEHEHE! Cloud's so CUUUUTE! I love his hair! :yes: And Vincent looks awesome too. Great work as usual Hippo!

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G-GAH! I'm like. zombified when I'm typing this. This filled me with so much delight that I went 'splodey. But Hippo-chan. This is truly awesome <3 I like both Vincent and Cloud, and seeing Cloud in the shower like that just made my morning real good.

Perfect way to start off a day. <3

As for Vincent, he was a well done bonus that made it even better <3

Your an excellent artist, Hippo-chan. I love juu <3 -hug- and...who wouldn't love this? -drools-

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I love the Cloud pic! Now that I think of it, we've been missing an sf art of Cloud. :D So I'm glad you did one! And you're one of the best bishie-artists! :yes:

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Omg, those are both so awesome! :D:wub::heart:

I tried to comment on the one in my blog, but it's being a bastard at the moment, so I'll just comment here and giggle like a moron. :hug: SO TOTALLY CUTE!!!!

Chui is gonna DIE when she sees that one of Cloud. I can't wait for her to see it later! Wrongy Vincent gives me an EXTREME case of happy pants. :yes:

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oh my word.....*faints*

*we are sorry...Chui is unavailable at the moment as she is a big gibbering pile of goo at the amazing and wonderful art on this page*


ohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmyohmy!!!!!!! im in :heart: with it!!!!


uhm....i dont know what to say here....im in utter ecstasy right now. you rock so much!!! i love it!!!!!!! *SQUEEEEEE*

*pounces upon you with snuggles and feathers*

*faints again*

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EEe! Thankyou everyone :wub: i wasn't sure whether cloud is supposed to be such a cute little boy, or a tough guy :unsure: i was scared i made him too er... young looking :blushing:

VOos; thankyou! Im so glad you like. The hair was hard :omg: i went through 4 pages of google images trying to find one to help with the angle :lol:

Baniira; yay! im glad i made your morning. i love you :heart:

Fifi; im glad you like it :laugh: I DO suck at colouring, on the computer anyway :lol: i've GOT to practise :unsure:

Teaparty: Thankyou :wub: I think the lack of Cloud sneezeart may be becuase he's a complex little bugger who has a gorgeous mop of difficulttodraw hair :lol:

Aku: That makes my first half decent Vincent picture :lol: and im glad you like it :) im sorry, the other one really was a pile of shit.

Tangerine; thankyou :hug:

Chui: Thankyou for the use of your muse! Im drawing him again :( Does he... how do i put this... umm..... go well with Sephiroth? like m/m? or does he have nothing to do with it?

Becuase if he does.... :twisted:

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oh boy....*is getting the happy anticipation....* by all means, borrow him as much as you would like to create such wonderful sneezy goodness!!!!

and oddly enough...Cloud and Sephiroth will neither of them tell if they have ever done anything...very tight-lipped little buggers.... :unsure:

but don't let that inhibit the idears you're getting ... :laugh: many people put the two of them together...i think they have either done something and refuse to say :innocent: , or they have just accepted that they make a cute couple :laugh: ....

*is eagerly awaiting whatever you come up with*

again, i just LOVE your artwork, you have an amazing style, and im awed at how you get his hair to look perfect...


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PErfect? :laugh:

:blink::lol: thats still a long way ahead :unsure:

BUT i have been practising... :laugh: and it's getting a hellovalot easier to draw his hair.... so expect naughty things in the near future mate :unsure:

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MAJOR HOTNESS! :drool: I sure picked the wrong day to indulge in the artwork section, let me tell you. :twisted:

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