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sister's boyfriend, and 2 others


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i feel only slightly bad for writing about my sister's boyfriend, but not bad enough not to write about it, lol. ok, so my sister has this AMAZINGLY HOT bf, he's got like olive/tan skin, light blue gray eyes, and light brown rather short hair. i just luv his nose too, it's like perfect for his face yet kinda big...idk i just luv it! so anyways my sister and i were having a lil conversation that went like this:

sister: i got C (her bf) sick i think

me: really? that sucks.

sister: i know! i feel so guilty, i think i've been getting sick for a while and we've been kissing and stuff...

me: o...that's nice.... (not at all interesting in my sisters sickness or their kissing)

sister: he woke up all sniffly and stuff today

me: (ears perking up) really?

sister: he's coming over today after school, we can take care of each other

me: (excited as hell) cool

sister: it'll be cute, we can be sick together

me (sarcastic) adorable.

he came over after school, looking super hot. they were in the family room watching TV, and since my sister had so kindly told me to stay the hell away from them, i was in the kitchen doing my homework. all of a sudden i heard "Huhkshoo-ah!" it sounded wet, and it was pretty loud. i heard my sister say bless u, but he gave her no reply, he sneezed again, "Kushhhaa!" and then again. "Huhgshioo!" i shouted in, "bless you!" and i heard my sister say it again too, he said "thanks, babe" to her, and then shouted a "thank you!" to me. i felt so special, lol. i was kinda pissed i didn't get to see it though!

my friend D in class sneezed this kinda dry, "Kashoo!" that could have been mistaken for a strong cough, but i know his sneezes. i turned to him immediately and found him struggling with a sneeze, a fist near his mouth, then he closed his eyes and exploded with a "Kahoo!" a bunch of us around him said bless u to which he said, "thank you" then one of my guy friends turned to D and said, "that sneeze sounded like a sick sneeze" D gave him a funny look and said, "is there a difference in a sick sneeze and any other kind?" my friend nodded but didn't elaborate bc our teacher gave us a dirty look.

me and my friends went out a little later to a restraunt, and my friend S was driving. we were talking or w/e and we had the radio on, suddenly he shuts off the radio and sneezes into the crook of his arm. it looked hot when he did it like that bc his arm was outstretched on the steering wheel and it just looked...different lol. it was REALLY wet sounding, "huh-shhhhoo!" he knew about my fetish but no one else in the car did so i played it off and said. "um, thanks for the shower, but i kinda already took one buddy." That comment worked well bc he'd sneezed in my direction. my friends in the back laughed at the comment and one of them said, "Bless u" to which he said, "thank you." he winked at me then turned the radio back on.

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"um, thanks for the shower, but i kinda already took one buddy."

HAH! I Love it!

Im gonna have to use that someday :laugh:

Great Obs!


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"um, thanks for the shower, but i kinda already took one buddy."

oh my gosh...thats the best line ever!!! im laughing so hard, im about to cry!!! :laugh:

such wonderful obs....glad your sis's bf shouted a thanks to you....how cool is that!

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Awww, your obs are always so very cute! I loved that saying, the same one everyone else was laughing at! Very nice! Thanks for sharing in such detail!

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