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Me oh my, quite a celebration of fits (several f)


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*basks in sneezy fortune* I don't know if I've mentioned or not (I may have) but I've been on a student strike for about a month and a half now... yep, no classes whatsoever, was starting to get bored.... This week we finally resumed classes (screw the struggle was about, it wasn't that interesting really...), and with it the floodgates of observations finally caved, it's been a little slow on that front, and now that I'm back in classes I know why :lol:

I've seen and heard quite a few sneezes today but there's no way I'm gonna cover it all so you're just gonna get the highlights, the good stuff, the stuff that makes me tick *mischievous smile*.

It was in yet another anthropology lecture that my friend G whom I've mentioned before started sneezing. She was sitting 2-3 rows behind me, so I didn't make an effort to watch, but I've seen her sneeze in little fits like that quite a few times before that I didn't even have to turn around to know it's her and could imagine what it looked like without putting any effort into it. G is probably around 1.60m, I like the way she dresses, it's clear she's making a statement and putting some effort in with the random accessories, it all combines into something that evokes summer for me, she definitely has style (though to be honest, I can't bring myself to remember what she was wearing today). She has big olive green eyes, luscious light pink lips and a beautiful smile, white skin slightly frecklish around the cheeks and long wavy black hair. I like her nose too, I'm not sure I have enough adjectives to describe noses properly, but as a whole, she has something puppy-like about her, cute as a button. I'll venture saying there's something very particular about her that reminds me at times a bit of Natalia Oreiro, though not as glam.

Lucky for me (not so lucky for her), G has allergies that strike from time to time. She has a sneeze that is sort of restrained, a very quick burst that is stifled sounding but not really stifled violently, also she normally does not covered. When she has an allergic fit she'll sneeze once every 5-10 of seconds and then in larger intervals over a couple of minutes. I didn't count how many sneezes there were (I'm finding out that unless I really pay attention, after 4-5 I just lose count :omg:) but there were quite a few. Girly little bursts of half-stifled-ness, she doesn't do the spoken choo but I think if I'll try to give it a proper spelling it'll come out that way... mmmm... so know that she doens't do that! (HA! problem solved) it's normally a variety of hi'tcho x'cho g'cho no buildup to be found for miles, just a sneezy expression. Like I said, I didn't keep count, but there were definitely more than 5. Though it did have an end, were it endless I'd be more hyped about it :)

- - - note, I started writing this yesterday but got called away... so I'll try to pick up as loyally as I can with the mood that inspired this obs - - -

It was another allergic fit that totally made my day (or in the word of Aku

*mumbles something about creaming and panties*

). A girl that sat 3 rows behind me to the right, she's someone I've seen around in the class I guess, but like so many of the others who attend that lecture, I don't really know her. To be honest, she's not really my type, even after that glorious fit she's just sneeze-candy no more... not that there's anything wrong with her, she just doesn't do it to me. Blonde, short, didn't really notice her figure but then again I don't think there was much out of the ordinary to notice, and while there was nothing off-putting about her visage there was also nothing graceful in particular *shrug*. BUT the sneezing... oh the sneezing.. an ode to the sneezing! It was just something else, a real treat :lol:

As I'm taking notes and listening to what in my opinion was an alright lecture (though everyone around me seems to have different views :lol: :lol: ) I heard a female sneeze "He-uush!" not loud but still with some kick in it, kind of wet sounding but not in a messy way, pretty solid if you ask me, I keep going about my business when about 6 seconds later I hear the same sneeze "Ha-uush!". Without really caring and without any attempts to hide my intentions, I turned around to look who sneezed since it sounded quite close. I noticed her folding a tissue in her hand and a post-sneeze expression, didn't think there'll be much more (plus there's a limit to how much staring to the back you can do when you're sitting in the first row without getting dirty looks from the professor I guess :lol: ) and so I turned back to my notes.

I was wrong, 3-4 seconds later she hits that tissue was another "hauuSH!" by now getting the attention of some other people who were not me (even my friend K who was sitting next to me mumbled "bless you" which I'm not sure was loud enough to be heard as he kept scribbling down stuff in his notebook, and he seldom blesses, or at least he does it with absolutely no consistency and rarely). I was enjoying it up to that point, but it just kept on getting better.

About 2 sneezes later (in short proximity sounding much the same) our professor started dictating the definition of something or other, which meant that now she talked slower, the class really quieted down and just about everyone was busy trying to keep up with the sentence. I'll venture imagining the poor thing felt quite uncomfortable, both because she probably couldn't keep up with the dictating and because she probably felt some sort of uncomfortableness from the whole situation - but that didn't stop me from loving every minute of it.

I'm not gonna really bother with translating the segment that was dictated, instead I'll use a random Anthropology text (how educational of me) to illustrate the course of her fit (read slowly at a dictating pace):

"Cultural Anthropology "He-uush!" encompasses three broad topics within which are numerous other specialties. Ethnology "Ha-uush!"involves the study of contemporary societies, or societies that exist today"He-ush!". Ethnologists use a technique "He-uush!"called participant observation in their research that was developed by Franz Boas. Marshall "He-uushe!"Sahlins used the participant observation method and developed the theory "He-uush!"of the original affluent society. He said that foragers are "He-USH!"the original affluent society, because members of these societies spend less time working "Ha-USH!"than members of so called civilized societies, and thus have more time for leisure."

So again, I didn't count, but LDFSJKGDJFSGDKF so much sneezing :hyper: (actually more than I wrote now that I look at it) it was so brilliant, the only things heard in the lecture hall was the dictation and the sneezing between and during *basks in more sneezy bliss* her sneeze sounded a bit more desperate towards the end but not really more powerful. I glanced behind me again to look at her (she was still sneezing after the quote was dictated and the lecture continued) and I caught her with a tissue in her hand, looking very sneezy, she first scrunched up her nose and then did the opposite movement to that, kind of stretching her upper lip downwards in hope of probably wriggling the tickle away, it was cute. Her fit subsided a bit after, though she did sneeze 2-3 more times with bigger intervals during the lecture. At the end of class while I packed my stuff I saw her still with a tissue dabbing and wiping and actually heard her comment to the girl sitting next to her (I'll assume her friend) "gah my allergies are killing me". It was... AWESOME!

To spice up the time between that major fit, my friend T (also known to suffer a bit from allergies but never in massive fits like that) who was sitting in the row behind me pretty much combusted with a triple. I like a lot of things about T, for starters she's very good looking, blonde, tall, body of a dancer (which she just happens to be), amazing catlike green eyes, a very unique nose (I've obsed about her once or twice before and think I tried to describe it) it was a bit of a bump which gives it character. Overall she's very cat like, though one of my other friends referred to her more than once as "that valkiry looking chick" which is also kinda true.

A-nee-way :jawdrop: Just like that BAM I hear a harsh dry not too loud "Ha'ASH Ha-aSH" and I turn around just to catch "ASH" number 3, she covered with 1 hand like she normally does, was a small distance between the palm of her hand (which was faced horizontally) and face. I grinned and blessed her, I'm pretty positive she noticed me though I wasn't the only one blessing her and she had a sheepish smile on her face which I dig. At first I though it was the girl with the fit sneezing again, but as soon as the very rapid 2nd sneeze followed I noticed it was much dryer sounding and more powerful.

So in conclusion, Sneezing - it's good :omg: *purrs*.

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Great observations!! Thanks.

"body of a (women) dancer" is a very clear image. In fact it is one of the major reasons I took up dancing about a decade ago.

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Wow! They sound like spectacular fits, especially the one going through the reading of the text; wonderful that the sneezing should occur precisely at the most important moment. Nothing like a good fit.

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Really well described, army girl! I love reading your obs, and these were no exception. One thing I do miss (the only thing) about class is the fits. Mmm.

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