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more Howl for hippo, and Souji from PMK


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ok..so really wasnt satisfied with the last sketch of Howl i did...i just did not think it worthy of the awesomeness that is hippo...so i tried again... hope you like this one better!!

and i did a quick little sketch of Okita Souji from Peacemaker Kurogane...*squee* i love him so much...(just not as much as Cloud) i have some non-sneezy sketches of him if you like in my blog.. *yes, i know, shameless self plug* hope you enjoy!!






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Teeheehee! Oh so cute, oh so CUTE!! :P That one of Souji...sneezing into his hand... *drools all over keyboard*

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OMFG... :twisted:

You know you're like the sweetest effing girl on the forum, right? :laugh:

First of all, how DARE you say the first one was not fitting :drool: It BLEW ME AWAY. Seriously. :bashing:

And those? :mad:

This? This is more than i could have asked for. It's brilliant. :boom:

REally, thankyou SO MUCH. Im all warm and fuzzy now :2guns:

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teaparty: thanks soo much!! :drool:

VoOs: im glad you like it..your so utterly amazing...

(hippo): *squee* i am now a giggling mcstupidpants.... just wanted to say thanks!! (many, many times)

*runs off to flail around*

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OMG that Souji is... delicious :P ik slosh van mijn stoel... :bag: Way to go, Chui!

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Gaaaah!! Please excuse tubas while her pants are totally bursting in flames right now!

You are an amazing artist! I really like the third one! :P


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Guest iffthelurker

Ack! I thought I commented on this! I know I MEANT to, because...well...YUM! Again, I love how you've drawn Howl's eyes. And his hair in the second...that he was thrown back by the force of his sneeze...LOVE IT!

And Souji is just PERFECT! Such a total cutie, and you've captured it INCREDIBLY well.

First of all, how DARE you say the first one was not fitting :P

*snicker* Well, it wasn't 'fitting'. :bag: Technically speaking, he'd probably need more than just the two to be fitting. *ducks and runs like hell* Ow! Ow! Sophie, call the scarecrow off! Please? I didn't mean it!!!

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Maru-chan: so glad you like it! im planning more sneezy Souji as soon as i sharpen my pencil!!

Tubas: OMG! :drool: im gonna give you a fire extinguisher!! ;)

Iff:LOL...oh ok...i see how it is...*gets out sketch pad again and plots some torture....*

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