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Outdoor festival obs. (Fs)


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Had a chance to attend an outdoor badn, fooof, exhibits, shows, etc. festival this weekend and saw a few sneezes because of the high pollen count (later spoiled by rain--yuck).

First, a light blond-haired woman dancer, nice figure!! mid40s was sitting on a curb and sneezerd loudly het-choo. I was facing away but wheeled to see her, recognize her, and the see her go into a long pre sneeze look and then a beautiful second full loud same sneeze doubling her over. Her nose was red and she was rubbing it and her eyes as well. Later she used drops in her eyes. I had hoped to see more but no additional ones while I was around her.

Second my wife had a triple from behind me (half-stilfed because she was in public) while in line to get Asian food at a booth.

Sitting in a large theather at night I saw a short-haired brown haired woman of about 30 with two small kids and spouse move down rows toward the front. She was slightly muscular but attractive. She stopped briedly with a huge pre-sneeze look rather frozen mouth open huge and let out a single very large sneeze et..choo into her hand as she was facing toward me.

A strawberry blond sneeze once behind me and a long haird 45 ish old blond sneezed once hard cough like in my row over one section

Lot of others occurred in the dark theater including a six in a row sneezes from a woman I could not see.

Today...I saw a food booth 25ish long blond haired woman working with a pit oven sneeze loudly once. Anotehr heavier set blond sneezed a double, light quick sneezes in another food booth. A 22ish brunette had a quick double strlfled (turned largely away from me). A tall red-head (35) in my line of sight as I was turning sneezed a nice lmedium single a-choo while I was dancing (on grass no less) almost causing me to mess up a move with my partner. Later a short haired brunette sitting on the ground listening to the band sneezed a hard cough like sneeze as she turned toward me. Finally a heavy set red head with a child was seated and had a medium single.


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