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Photic Self (f) and Wow, That Was a Big One! (m)


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I'm not a particularly sneezy person, but at some point in my late twenties I developed a pretty reliable photic sneeze reflex, which usually hits me when I'm driving. Fortunately today I was at a red light when I felt my nose start to tickle; I took off my sunglasses to enhance the experience, and did my usual completely silent buildup with a forceful TSCHOOOO! release. I never sneeze more than once, but they're always loud. This particular sneeze was unusually pleasurable in that I was stopped, and not worried about crashing the car. Not that I ever have, but sometimes I do wonder about the safety of the whole thing.

In other news, dear Victor rewarded me with a huge conversation-interrupting HAH-RUSSSSSHHHHHHHH! while I was on the phone with him today; just the one sneeze, but followed by several minutes of wet sniffling. Why he didn't want to blow his nose while on the phone I don't really know, since he hadn't minded sneezing very powerfully indeed right into my ear (bless his sexy self!) but perhaps he needs two hands to blow his nose, and he was holding the phone with one. He is not, I have noticed, the type of person who can magically adhere a phone to some invisible suction device on his neck and do other things while talking.

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