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My allergies are a pain


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Okay so lately the weather's been really nice, warm and sunny =) So I went with my girlfriend to watch her go ride her horse.

Woahhh. Bad mistake.

We started up to the fields, she was on her horse (a cute little thing might I add) and I'm walking alongside her in fields.

ANYWAY. I was talking to her, and I felt the tickle in my nose, but quickly pushed it outta my mind ( I found if I don't want to sneeze I just dont think about it). 30 seconds later...I stopped in my tracks, my breath started to hitch a little bit, then I let out a "heh-EHchoo!" My gf just turned around and stared at me. I blushed, and managed a "Sorry. Excuse me." before I was interrupted by another "AHCHOO!" My girlfriend looked at me once again, gave me a sarcastic look and goes, "are you done?" :wheels: That made me feel great. But I nodded

About 15 minutes later we were in the forest, when the damned tickle came back again. I hitched my breath, which sounded kinda like "Hehh...ehhh...Hhhh...Ehhhh..." I went away. I hate it when that happens. Here I thought I was gonna sneeze...I was getting ready for it. And it goes away! FRUSTRATION! :angry:

That's alright. It came back soon enough. I let out a "ESHOO! EHCHOOO! AHCHAAAA!" Oh god. She gets off her horse and lets him eat some grass before we turn back. In the mean time she walks up to me. Oh god #2. She started a conversation about it. It went something like this:

Her: Are you allergic to something?

Me: :blink: Not that I know of...

Her: Then why are you sneezing so much?

Me: Maybe it's just something in the air that isn't usually....I'm sure I'm fine.

Her: You sure? You're all red.

Me: I'm fine I just-

Her: Are you embarrassed or something?

Me: Erm...No it's just...

Her: OMG YOU ARE! Why are you embarrassed.

Me: I'm not really..

Her: Not... really. What does really mean?

Me: It means that I'm not (and then the tickle comes back) embarra...as....sedd...AHHCHOO!

Her: :fury: God bless you. Whatever you say.

Then she got back on her noble steed and we went back.

So that's was a major thing for me. I think she might be discovering something .....

Its about time I tell her anyway I think too.

Anyway, have a nice day :lmfao:

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That is so terribly cute! And you were embarrassed, weren't you? :wheels: Thanks for the lovely self-obs.

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That is so terribly cute! And you were embarrassed, weren't you? :wheels: Thanks for the lovely self-obs.
Mayyyybeeeee :angry:
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Awww, I can imagine how awkward that was for you. :angry: I hope if/when you do tell her, it goes well. And sorry you had such a rough time with what was in the air. :wheels: Bless you.

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Maybe you're allergic to horses?

Such a cute obs. Thanks for sharing....let us know how it goes when/if you tell her.

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Too charming! Blushing and sneezing! I'm sorry you were uncomfortable, but what a perfectly lovely observation.

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