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Male Shopping Obs


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While I was at Woodman's shopping, I spied a young guy, probably 18 or 19, if I had to guess. He was tall and skinny, but had some really nice facial features. He had a slim, sculpted nose, and high cheekbones, and a nice chin. Anyway, I finished shopping and went outside to put the kids and everything away in the car. After I gave my cart to the guy that was collecting them in the parking lot, I started walking back to my car, and then I saw the young guy from the store walking out with his family.

I just happened to be watching him, right as the sun poked through the clouds, and it must have hit him right away. He tilted his head back just a bit, and thrust forward with one semi-loud, "EH-CHISH!" He took another step forward, tilted his head back again, and I got to see the slight agonized look on his face as another sneeze welled up. He sort of shielded with one hand as the second sneeze erupted, slightly louder and wetter than the first one, "HEH-CHISSHHHUH!" I was sort of mesmerized, because the way he sneezed and covered reminded me of someone from a long time ago, and I adored that person's sneezes somuch. So, I just stood there, stunned and basking in his goreous sneezes, and the guy behind me getting the carts yelled, "BLESS YOU!" To which the kid laughed and replied, "Oh, uh thanks!" Then he walked away. I love the sun, and photic sneezers. :whistle:

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Mmm, lovely. Very cute, that the other guy blessed him. Guys blessing guys is just...hnnn. I adore photic sneezers too-if it weren't for the sun, my lover never would have gotten past his mental block.

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