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Assorted Drawings-Mostly M


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I'm pretty sure that my feeble attempts at crappy linework do not belong here amongst the great talents of this board but I figured I might try to get over my recent shyness and post these.

These drawings were inspired by some amazing stories on the stories board written by Enkidom, and everytime I read them I am compelled to get my pencil out and start drawing. I don't do these scenes near enough justice! They're ALL Miroku from the anime Inuyasha. Sorry if that's not your thing.

And most of these will look familiar to those who read my blog.

Okay, I cheated, this one isn't technically sneezing but I loved this scene. I'll take this one down if the lack of sneezing offends anyone...


This one is slightly different, this scene does appear in a story but the scene came from this drawing which I had posted in my blog a while back. This one's a bit more for humour purposes! (For the uninitated, her weapon is a large boomerang)


It's been quite some time since I've felt confident enough to post artwork so please be kind to me! smile.png I have about a million more but I felt this was quite enough to inflict on everyone in a single post! I'll be hiding in a darkened corner if anyone needs me... heh.gif

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"Feeble attempts at crappy linework..." :twisted: What on EARTH are you talking about, woman!!?? :cry: Your style is ADORABLE, and I'm SO glad to see that your posting artwork here again! :whistle::heart: I've already seen these in your blog, but I GLADLY drool over then some more!

Miroku's so CUUUUTE :lmfao:

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oh my..how lovely.....and how could you say feeble...your art is amazing...i missed seeing your beautiful sketches. i do love them...


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Thanks you guys! Such kindness means a lot to me, especially coming from creative-type people that I really look up to!


Be careful with too much encouragement as it might just make me torture poor Miroku some more...that poor guy's never safe when I have a pencil nearby... :whistle2:

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is totally what I needed to see this morning. Miroku cuteness- I'm SO full of mushy, SQUEEE, AWWWW, type of feeling. *grins and looks for muse(s) to tor... play with*

I have to say that if ANYONE dares to complain about the absolutely Adorable picture of sick Miroku laying down with his head on Sango's lap- I will personally hang them upside down and beat them with a carrot. Honestly- if someone doesn't just LOVE that- then they have something wrong with them. *says I*

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Those are so friggin' adorable! Thank you so much for posting them! I think my favorite was the first one. Honestly, I absolutely love your style, KK! You are totally awesome! :uhoh:

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I know I've commented on some of these in your blog, but I must JFLSDKJFSDLKJF at you again here because JFLSDKJFLSDKJF!!!

I love, love, LOVE your style, woman! Every time I see your art, it makes me smile. I swear, if you bottled it and sold it as as a happiness tonic, you'd be rich as hell!

Ha, the last one is my favorite because LOL!!! :rolleyes:


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tma, sneesee and aku...

Thank you so much for your kind words...Miroku does not thank you quite so much as he knows that now that I've gotten encouragement he's going to be in for a lot more punishment! ;)

Okay, sometimes I secretly wish I could draw "hot guys that cause spontaneous combustion" like many of the wonderful artists here but no, I like drawing cute and adorable because that fits my personality so much better! :rolleyes:

Still laughing at mental picture of tma beating people with carrots. :laugh:

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Awwwwww, Miroku's soooo sweeet!!!!! *melts into a puddle* :lol:

Man, this is almost too much cuteness for me to handle... :rolleyes:

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Ok, I took one look at Miroku's expression in the first pic, and: :proud:

SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XD You are SO DAMNED GOOD at facial expressions and LINEWORK, Kawaii! Seriously, you are one of my favorite anime-style artists. You draw it so well & I am insanely, insanely jealous. And hey, you want to see crap linework? *Pointing to self* RIGHT HERE sister! I claim the title! :yes:

So uh, yeah....post more plz??! :drool:


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Guest iffthelurker


Crappy linework? Where?!? I don't see any such thing! These are absolutely adorable! Your facial expressions are awesome, the way your fabric drapes is excellent...


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Teehee...thank you, thank you. I've gone all stupid over having both my linework and my drawing of his clothes being praised, for that's what I thought was the weakest parts so I'm all giddy with happiness now.

(shakes head) Now you've done it, too much praise has gone STRAIGHT to my head and I have felt the need to inflict some more discomfort on my dear Miroku. Just when he thought he was going to get a break too... :wheels:

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Geeaah, that'll teach me to not visit the art board very often. First and foremost it's an honour to be mentioned as an inspiration and secondly if I can paint a picture like those with words I consider it doubly so. Now please bear in mind I don't know much about artistic technical terms, but the way you draw clothes is absolutely fantastic, and your faces are so expressive, they capture everything you need to know in a snapshot. I think the one of Miroku sleeping on Sango's lap is my absolute favorite, because it just captures perfectly how I pictured that scene, and it adorns my story notebook. As for the "boomerang meets cranium", well you know how much I liked that by the fact that I lifted it. :blushing:

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