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So...there is this guy in my Art class. He's a year older than I, and in a different grade than I. But what does it matter?


So, he's not ADORABLE or HOT. He's just sweet, and nice to me. I wasn't expecting a sneeze from him, but I got a little suprise. :hug:

We had a "food unit" in art. Which is basically a food party. Don't ask.

So our class went over to the Home-EC building for some breakfast.

I just had an apple. NO I'M NOT STARVING MYSELF. ;) I wasn't hungry.

Well anyway, he comes up to me and we have a little conversation. He walks away for a bit, and I see him (I don't hear him, it's too loud) sneeze into his shoulder.

I can't really describe it, I could if I had heard it. :lol:

Yeah, he comes back, and I look away as if I hadn't been watching. :rolleyes: Sureeee

So we're just standing there, and I'm pretending to be suddenly "interested" in my bracelet, when he sneezes again. This time I heard it, and it was stifled.

"Ah-HNXGT! ugh" This time it was into his fist.

Then it pretty much went like this...

Me: Bless you

Him: Thanks. *sniff* *laugh*

(Insert Awkward silence here...)


Me: Bless you...are you ok?

Him: I really don't know...

We laughed.

For the next minute, he sounded pretty congested. Allergies? Cold? I don't know.

But it stopped when he wasn't around me.

Maybe it was my perfume or something. lol

But it was adorable. :rolleyes:

That's it. *bows* Thank you!

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Very lovely -- esp. the combination of stifles and sneezes. Yummy. Whatever perfume you had on, I'd suggest you wear it all the time.

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Awww, I love this obs! :yes: His sneezes sound SO cute! Thank you for sharing!

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He sounds like a guy I know. :lol:

He sounds adorable from my viewpoint! Great obs, Maybe we can chat sometime?


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I love that he at one point sneezed into his fist, I love it when a guy sneezes into his fist, great obs :wheels:

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That is adorable! I bet it was your perfume! Be sure to wear lots of it around him! :laugh: And as always, thanks for telling us all about it!

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