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A big bunch of wrong (m/m)


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Okay, so I've never tried to draw a "pre-sneeze" face because I never thought I could, but I figured I'd give a shot.

It's Abel Nightroad and Sephiroth again. *SHOCK* (expect a ton of this because I say so. heh.gif) ANYWAY!

It's a little blasphemous of Seph to lick that holy object, but that's what makes it fun! aaevil.gif Man, I really need to post the fic that goes with all of this art crack, but I keep trying to FINISH IT first while working on "Harmony and Discord," so it's a slow process. Just . . . use your imagination.

I didn't draw Abel's robes the way they do them in the anime because I'm lazy. heh.gif Behold, the cross-fandom crack!


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Seph- how many times am i gonna have to tell you to put down the holy man. if i wasnt thoroughly loving your decadent seduction of the poor innocent Abel, i might really tell you to stop.

Aku-chan....such wonders.... :D can i try a piece of that collarbone myself...i mean..who said that....uh...thats right, it was me... :innocent:

*eeep* runs and hides...then looks at pic again....

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Ha, don't let Abel fool you, my darling. :D That "priest" is a scary bastard when he wants to be. *snicker* Um....oh no, I just got an idea. *GROANS* Rarrrghghafjldskfjdasf........CRAAAAAACK!

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OH MY GOD AKU. :omg: :omg: :omg:

Um... what else is there to say? :innocent: hmm....


I actually really cant think of anything else to say. You've killed my brain nice and dead. :D

erm.. :lol:

It iS vErry VEry GoOt.... YeSh. :sillybounce:

That took about all my effort. I'll come back later when i'm better. *drags herself away*

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The only word I can think of right now is "damnation"!

I must worship you for drawing this and I must worship VoOs for turning you and the rest of us onto this Abel fellow and I must worship Sephiroth for doing THAT...

I just love how the face looks like part-presneeze and part...um, I shall say ecstasy. It looks as if he shall cry out and sneeze at the same time. Which would just be so hot. Seph better get out of the way...or maybe he would like it! :D

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Oh. My. God...

:innocent:........... :lol:

:sillybounce:........... :omg:

:omg: :omg: :drool::drool: <---------- "H" as in HOTNESS OVERLOAD!!!

:drool:........... :drool:

:drool:........... :drool:

Aku... You're just too freaking amazing, you know that??! :cryhappy: Abel's pre-face is just... GHAAA! *explodes!* I'm out of words... So much sexynesssssss... :dead:

THANK YOU!!! :wub::hug::D

*RUNS AWAY to read next part of fic and die some more*

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Wow, that's one of the greatest pre-faces I've ever seen! :unsure: The drawing is real good! :lol:

Thanks a lot! :balloon: You're welcome to make more anytime! :unsure:

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Hehehe, VoOS! Your reaction to my crack are so awesome. :lol: I'm so happy you like it! I was nervous about drawing it because I've never actually done "real" fetish art, if you can believe that. :lol: I've done suggestive stuff such as someone rubbing their nose and such, but never any "faces" like that.

Hippo- :unsure: Thank you! I've mentioned how much I admire you as an artist, so I always get giddy when you compliment my work! :D

Chui- Mwhahaha . . . perhaps I shall have to try drawing Cloud this way? :innocent: And I don't think it's the PRIEST you have to worry about in this instance. *evil grin* :balloon:

KawaiiKitty - Oh ho, so you noticed the sexual aspect I tried to imply. :balloon: That makes me REALLY happy! Hahaha, I'm a cheap date, huh? :lol: Thank you!!!

TeaParty - :unsure::lol: THANK YOU for that!!! :D :D Wow, I'm incredibly flattered that you think it's that good! :omg: I adore your stuff and I will certainly draw more now that I know people enjoyed it! :D

~AkuRetard, who is all gay with love for her fellow artists now. :wub:

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Guest iffthelurker









We regret to inform you that iffthelurker is no longer able to post as she has been rendered unconscious due to an overload of pleasure.

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