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end of school obs


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the first one was from my cute friend E during my english exam. he was sniffling a lot, and he was super hyper so he was kind of exaggerating the sniffles. i turned around and glared at him and he kind of laughed, "i'm sick." i smiled too then turned back around and focused on my test. Then from behind me i hear this, "HAKSHOO!" his typical really forceful, wet, sneeze. i saw him turn around in his seat and then bend forward to the ground as he sneezed. i said, "bless u" really loud in a really quiet room, and he hissed, "thanks."

i was studying for an exam the other day and my friend A was helping me with my math, all of a sudden he started coughing randomly, then he liked pulled the colar of his shirt and started coughing into that, then he took in a breath and sneezed like, "huh(pause)choo!" then he said after, "ahh, that felt good." i said bless u and he muttered a thanks and then continued to help me study.

today my crush was driving me and my friend home because i guess i live by him. i'm not friends with my crush, i don't like him as a person i just think he's hot, and he doesn't really like me either, but my friend is like one of his best friends so yeah...anyways! the music was blaring and stuff and all of our windows were down. him and my friend were talking when suddenly he sneezes, letting his head drop down so that he sneezed like at his legs, it was "HUP-SHOO!" i said bless u, loud enough so he would hear, but he didn't say anything (that's him being a blatent ass), so i was like to my friend, "Don't you hate it when you bless someone and they don't say thank you back" my friend hadn't heard me the first time so i repeated myself and he was like, "oh yeah," then he looked at my crush and said his name in a kind of accusing way, and my crush just grinned his cocky ass grin. God i hate him! but he's hot lol.

SweetP :drool:

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Aw! All of these are so cute, especially the second one. It's too bad you won't have any more school obs for a while! Thanks for sharing these.

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I'm gonna miss those school obs, they are completely adorable! All the cute, sneezy guys you know! Thanks for sharing. And maybe there'll be some get-togethers this summer with your friends? Wishful thinking, huh? :drool:

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