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Guest Leonard Fairbanks

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Did enjoy it indeed. It's nice to have a friend who is also a neighbour and who also sneezes. Interesting too that his allergy sneezes sound different from the ordinary sneezes.

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Allergy season is such a wonderful time of the year! As much as I adore buildups, I also really like the no-time-to-breathe little fits. Delicious.

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It was like this: Eshoo! *gasp* Eshoo! *gasp* Eshoo! *gasp* Eshoo!

Eshoo! is not a particularly adorable way to sneeze (sounds too much like the standard Achoo!)

Hope y'all enjoy this one!

Yum! His sneezes remind me of someone else's sneezes I really always enjoyed. Thanks for sharing! Guess the outdoor air was too much for him, huh? :drool:

And personally, I happen to like the "eshoo" sound. I think it's my favorite! :blushing:

I enjoyed this obs very much! Thank you for writing about it! :winkkiss:

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